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SkyTeam Introduces Handy Carry-on Calculator for Seamless Flights

The new tool lets passengers with connecting flights know that their carry-on bags will be accepted on each flight of their journey

by Lauren Smith

August 1, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of SkyTeam

Travelers connecting between flights with SkyTeam member airlines can now use a special calculator to ensure their hand luggage complies with the rules of every carrier on their itinerary.

The Carry-on Calculator, available on the SkyTeam website, is intended to enable seamless connections between airlines in the alliance, which include Delta Air Lines, Air France-KLM, and new enlistee Virgin Atlantic.

While the airlines are closely aligned, with flights sold on the same itinerary and reciprocal frequent flyer benefits, passengers can get hung up on their slightly different bag allowances. An acceptable carry-on on one flight might be judged too big on their connecting departure, requiring them to check it at the gate.

Photo: Courtesy of SkyTeam

To use the new Carry-on Calculator, customers enter their class of travel and the airlines on their booking. The calculator compares the hand baggage allowances of those airlines, including bag dimensions and maximum weight, and tells the customer what they can carry throughout their trip based on the most restrictive carry-on and personal item allowances on their schedule.

The Carry-on Calculator should avert surprises at the gate and help passengers confidently pack for their entire journey.

“Not having the correct hand baggage can mean customers encounter the unexpected stress of having to check-in items at the gate, particularly during the peak travel season,” said SkyTeam CEO Patrick Roux.

“Thanks to SkyTeam’s new Carry-on Calculator tool, customers can quickly find out how much they can bring on board and enjoy their journey, knowing their travel essentials will be within limits and within reach on the aircraft.”

Photo: SkyTeam Lounge, Istanbul Airport. Courtesy of SkyTeam

Passengers flying with SkyTeam member airlines are eligible to use the Carry-on Calculator. However, high-status customers in members’ frequent flyer programs, known as Elite Plus members, receive additional benefits. These perks include access to SkyTeam business class lounges worldwide when traveling on international flights, as well as priority check-in, security, and boarding.

Hand luggage allowances are the same for SkyTeam elites and other ticketholders in the same class of travel, so they can comfortably use the Carry-on Calculator. However, they have bigger checked baggage allowances: an extra 20 kg (44 lbs) of luggage on tickets with weight limits and an additional bag on tickets with piece limits.