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Take a Look Inside Steve Aoki’s Passport

The DJ's notable travels include adrenaline-fueled activities around the globe

by Eden Herbstman

August 3, 2023

Steve Aoki / Photo: Courtesy of Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“I’m most curious when I’m unfamiliar with a place’s culture or sound. You have to become the student to grow.” Global DJ and producer Steve Aoki travels with an open mind and ear. With the music company 88rising, the founder of the Dim Mak brand recently launched Fluxgen, a platform for emerging Asian artists. Aoki’s notable travels include adrenaline-fueled activities in extreme temperatures around the globe. “I’m always looking for some level of stimulation to create a better discipline.” Here, his exhilarating escapes.

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska / Photo: Courtesy of @SteveAoki

“I did heli-snowboarding in Alaska. That’s my favorite type of snowboarding through back-country environments. You get dropped at the top of a peak in an area where no one has ever ridden. It’s uncharted, clean and pristine. You’re really high up and the snow is beautiful, but anything can happen. You have to be careful and have the right gear, like avalanche beacons.”

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain / Photo: Courtesy of David Svihovec/Unsplash

“Everyone thinks of it as a party island—which it is as the mecca of dance music—but it has an extremely fun daytime and beachside environment. I love to find a good-looking rock to climb and jump from. You want to spec it out and look at the landing. I always have one of those devices that show the jump point to the ground.”

Leemore, California

Leemore, California / Photo: Courtesy of Surf Ranch

“They built a surf ranch in this private area where I landed my first barrel. It’s when you’re literally in the wave and it’s over your head like a circle—it’s a surfer’s dream. My friend Kai Lenny, one of the greatest surfers of our time, was coaching me through the whole thing, riding next to me on a Jet Ski. If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it.”

Las Vegas

Las Vegas / Photo: Courtesy of Aoki Group

“It’s my favorite city in the world now and I’m not moving. I live in a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the chaos. I don’t want to brag, but my restaurant Kura Kura Pa at Resorts World is the number-one attraction. We have Japanese rice bowls and chicken skewers. It’s fast-casual but healthy and phenomenal food.”