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Where Will You Land? SAS Launches ‘Mystery Flight’ Experience for Frequent Flyers

Lucky passengers will enjoy a weekend away in an unknown location in early April

by Fergus Cole

February 20, 2024

Photo: SAS, Airbus A320. Courtesy of Nicolas Nezzo / Unsplash

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has announced the launch of a new flight for its frequent flyers, but instead of taking passengers to a pre-selected location, it will fly them to a mystery destination.

Dubbed ‘Destination Unknown,’ the mysterious flight was offered exclusively to EuroBonus members—the airline’s loyalty program—over 24 hours from midday on February 12.

Photo: Courtesy of SAS

Reservations for the mystery flight could only be purchased with EuroBonus points at 30,000 miles per seat.

Overwhelming Response

The Sweden-based carrier hoped the intriguing new concept would attract widespread attention from adventurous travelers, and it did just that. According to SAS, more than 1,000 of its frequent flyers signed up for the ‘Destination Unknown’ experience within minutes of applications being opened. With so many applicants for a limited number of seats, lucky passengers will be randomly selected and notified in due course.

As would be expected for a flight to a mystery destination, exact details are being kept to a minimum. The outbound flight will depart from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) on Friday, April 5, with passengers being asked to arrive at the airport no later than 7:30 AM.

Photo: Courtesy of SAS / Andy Prhat

The return flight will arrive in Copenhagen around 5:00 PM on Monday, April 8, giving passengers four days and three nights in the unknown location.

There is little information available about the duration of the flight, except that it will last for “a few hours.” SAS is a global airline that operates flights to approximately 125 destinations around the world, including several airports in the U.S., such as New York (JFK), Washington-Dulles (IAD), and Miami (MIA).

However, considering the flight’s expected duration, it is highly probable that the destination will be in Europe. Passengers will only find their destination when it is announced during the flight.

Photo: Copenhagen. Courtesy of Nick Karvounis / Unsplash

Of course, planning a trip to an unknown destination will come with unique challenges, such as not knowing where to book accommodation or what sort of clothes to pack. However, SAS has its passengers covered when it comes to this.

The airline has partnered with a hotel in the unknown destination and offered applicants the chance to book a room there during the sign-up process. However, it also allows braver travelers to find accommodation once they arrive, should they wish. The carrier will also provide some hints to confirmed passengers on what to pack for the trip closer to the date.

“I am thrilled about this innovative concept, and I am confident that, just like me, a lot of travelers are excited by the idea of an unknown destination,” said Paul Verhagen, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer at SAS. “The prospect of embarking on an adventurous and mysterious journey with fellow enthusiasts, finding new connections and friendships along the way, is truly exciting.

Photo: SAS, Airbus A320. Courtesy of Miguel Angel Sanz / Unsplash

“SAS equals trust and quality and promises our passengers an adventure that will bring their travel experience to a new level. These are not just trips; they are extraordinary journeys that will stay with you for a lifetime.”

Although it’s an interesting concept, the Scandinavian airline’s ‘Destination Unknown’ flight isn’t unique. European ultra-low-cost carrier Wizz Air launched a competition last year in which winners were awarded a mystery flight out of Venice (VCE), with the unknown destination revealed onboard to be the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

German flag carrier Lufthansa also offers passengers ‘Lufthansa Surprise’ flights, although the process is slightly different. When booking their surprise flight from either Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUN), passengers can choose a theme, such as ‘Arts and Sights,’ ‘The Great Outdoors,’ or ‘Party On,’ and the destination is then revealed once they make the booking and payment.