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United Launches New Polaris Amenities From Saks Fifth Avenue and Therabody

The new amenities are the largest United Polaris international business class experience upgrade in seven years

by Rachel Dube

October 4, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of United Airlines

United Airlines has unveiled new amenities, in partnership with Therabody and Saks Fifth Avenue, as part of their upgraded international Polaris Business Class.

The airline has stated that the new amenities are designed to provide passengers with the most comfortable and restful experience in the air.

“International travel is booming and our customers have direct access to more places around the globe than any other airline – with these new amenities, now they’ll also have the best experience flying there,” says Andrew Nocella, United Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

Photo: United Club, Denver Concourse B. Courtesy of United

“We know amenities can really elevate the overall flying experience and are confident United Polaris flyers will love the new wellness-focused offerings created with our best-in-class partners Therabody and Saks Fifth Avenue and increased focus on sourcing recycled materials.”

Since 2017, the U.S.-based carrier has added more than 30 routes and 15 new destinations across the Atlantic. Currently, United is the only U.S. airline providing non-stop flights to cities including Malaga, Dubrovnik, Mallorca, and Tenerife.

Therabody Amenity Kits

The new onboard amenity kit offerings feature eye serum, face spray, hand cream, and cleansing towelettes from the wellness brand.

All the products are designed to help passengers feel refreshed upon landing. Each TheraFace product will be housed in a reusable belt bag made from recycled plastic.

Photo: Courtesy of United Airlines

Every kit will also have a slew of necessities, including a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, an eye mask, ear plugs, socks, and a pen.

While onboard, the in-flight entertainment system will have wellness videos to help make the experience more comfortable. The videos are all specially created for passengers who want to incorporate wellness practices into their trip, including guided meditations, breathwork classes, and more.

With the Therabody Amenity Kits launch, United is also launching Therabody Reset Suites within the Polaris lounges.

United’s Polaris class offers amenities such as bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue and Tempur foam pillows / Photo: Courtesy of United Airlines

These suites will be housed in a semi-private room with Therabody wellness technology, including one Therabody Lounger (which utilizes sound and vibrational therapy).

Other amenities will include the Theragun and RecoveryAir JetBoots to support circulation and SmartGoggles to help customers relax.

The first openings will be in Newark and San Francisco hubs, followed by Chicago O’Hare, Houston Intercontinental, Los Angeles, and Washington Dulles.

Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding Details

United’s Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding is a signature part of the Polaris experience.

With the onboard upgrades, passengers will be privy to refreshed bedding. Each seat will have a large pillow, an extra cool gel pillow, and a duvet cover. According to the airline, United is the only U.S. business class cabin to provide passengers with two pillows per person.

Photo: Courtesy of United Airlines

From now until 2024, each seat will also have a limited-edition day blanket. Fashion designer Claude Kameni designs it and adds an extra layer of warmth. Kameni is a self-taught designer who won a competition to design the day blanket as part of a Saks designer accelerator program called The New Wave.