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Monarch Air Group Reports Increase in Cryptocurrency Payments For Private Flights

The private jet charter operator is reporting a 32 percent increase in cryptocurrency payments

by Enrique Perrella

March 13, 2024

Monarch Air Group is a prominent player in the private aviation industry and has managed to keep pace with rapidly evolving trends and technologies. The company has witnessed a remarkable upswing of 32 percent in cryptocurrency transactions for private jet charters, which clearly indicates cryptocurrency’s potential in the aviation sector.

The company has been accepting cryptocurrency for high-end purchases since 2017 and expects this form of payment to become increasingly common.

Photo: Courtesy of Kanchanara / Unsplash

Normally, charter operators sell private charter flights by requesting their customers provide a conventional payment or retainer deposit. With cryptocurrency, however, things are changing rapidly.

Since 2006, Monarch Air Group has offered air charter services, long-term aircraft leases, and mission-critical logistics. The company serves large businesses, government agencies, the United Nations, the U.S. and Canadian defense departments, and the World Food Program in worldwide rescue, emergency relief, and humanitarian efforts.

In the words of David Gitman, Monarch Air Group’s CEO, the commitment is clear: “We take pride in being the go-to provider of air charter services for select individuals, government agencies, and prestigious corporations worldwide. They expect consistent top-notch performance, and we deliver.”

Online Charter Pricing Tool

According to Gitman, the recent surge in cryptocurrency transactions is a consequence and a strategic move. “The adoption of cryptocurrencies aligns seamlessly with the decline in private charter prices and the increasing trust in digital currencies,” the company says.

Photo: Gulfstream G650ER. Courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace

“The surge in cryptocurrency transactions reflects a broader digital transformation within luxury travel services.”

According to the company, in addition to accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, Monarch Air Group has introduced a user-friendly pricing portal that simplifies and “redefines the booking process,” as noted by the company’s CEO.

According to Monarch Air Group, clients can now effortlessly receive instant price estimates for their private jet charters, marking a significant leap forward in efficiency and transparency.

Photo: Courtesy of Monarch Air Group

Developed by a seasoned team of experts, this tool operates on a clear algorithm, offering users a rapid and accurate calculation of preliminary aircraft searches, including real-time estimations, without compromising privacy. “The absence of personal information requirements adds an extra layer of privacy that is uncommon in the digital tool landscape,” says the company.

While the charter flight cost calculator delivers close approximations, it excludes fees and taxes. However, Monarch Air Group ensures users have a general understanding of charter costs while comprehending the various factors shaping the final price.

According to the company, private jet charter costs are intricate and shaped by factors like aircraft type, flight itinerary, and passenger count. “Larger aircraft command higher fees due to maintenance needs, fuel consumption, and market demand,” says the company on its pricing tool. “Long-distance travel and additional services like VIP lounges and catering contribute significantly to the final cost.”

As the aviation industry becomes increasingly digital, Monarch Air Group remains at the forefront of private aviation. Their adoption of cryptocurrency and commitment to attaining excellence showcase a forward-thinking approach that keeps pace with industry changes and propels them into the forefront.