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Delta Reveals New Uniform Collection for Flight Attendants

Employees will drop the controversial purple uniforms for more traditional garments designed by Gap

by Fergus Cole

March 21, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has given its employees a first glimpse of their new uniform collection. The modern design pays tribute to the airline’s brand image and history and has been in development for over a year and a half.

The airline collaborated with GPS Apparel by the famous American clothing brand GAP to create this collection, and feedback from Delta employees was taken into account during the design process.

Delta’s partnership with GAP allowed it to leverage the company’s over half a century of experience in the fashion industry. GAP collected feedback from more than 20,000 Delta employees via job shadowing, focus groups, surveys, and interviews to develop a comfortable, modern, durable, and functional set of uniforms.

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Delta has approximately 70,000 uniformed staff, including flight attendants, airport customer service agents, ground equipment mechanics, and aircraft technicians.

Delta’s traditional color scheme features heavily throughout the new uniform prototype, with deep navy blue and rich burgundy outfits highlighted with bright red and white trimmings, marking a return to normality for Delta’s uniform range, which is currently characterized by a ‘Purple Plum’ color scheme that has divided opinion.

Designers have also incorporated Delta’s iconic widget—which features in the airline’s logo and on its aircraft tails—into the new uniforms. The widget first became synonymous with Delta in 1959 and is said to reflect the airline’s ethos, with the flat base representing the carrier’s ‘solid foundation’ and the pointed top portion a ‘reminder always to keep climbing.’

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

The new uniforms are made with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100-certified fabrics and materials, with each piece designed to help employees function seamlessly, depending on their specific job.

Employees will choose different styles in each role, with each uniform prioritizing ease of movement, breathability, inclusivity, and durability.

While the prototype has been released, Delta passengers must wait a few years before seeing the airline’s staff decked out in the new gear. According to the airline, its employees will begin extensive wear testing for each garment starting this fall, which will give them more opportunities to provide feedback and have any potential issues rectified before the collection is officially rolled out.

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

“Delta has tens of thousands of uniformed employees, all with different needs and preferences,” said Ranjan Goswami, SVP of Customer Experience Design. “That means any evolution of the uniform program will take time and deliberation to get right. We are committed to using this time to listen, learn, and iterate as we work toward a new look – one that reflects and celebrates who we are as Delta.”

Delta hopes this new uniform range will be better received than its last attempt at a new rollout. In 2018, new uniforms designed by Zac Posen were rolled out, but accusations of toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process that allegedly led to severe allergic reactions in several employees resulted in the airline facing multiple lawsuits.