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From New Delhi to Cancun, These Are the 15 Cheapest Travel Destinations of 2024

New Delhi has been named the world's cheapest travel destination, while Florence is the most expensive

by Fergus Cole

January 22, 2024

Photo: Delhi, India. Courtesy of Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash

Inflation is rising in the U.S. and other countries, but this hasn’t stopped people from traveling worldwide. After a challenging few years, global air travel has surpassed pre-pandemic levels. However, as increasing prices strain travelers’ budgets, people are searching for ways to save on trip expenses.

Fortunately, Wethrift, a UK-based money-saving website, has released a report listing the 15 cheapest travel destinations for 2024. By analyzing various data points from the world’s most popular travel destinations—such as accommodation and meal costs, direct flight routes, and passenger numbers—each destination was given a final score out of 80. This information can help travelers plan their next bucket list trip while staying within budget.

Here are the world’s cheapest travel destinations this year, according to Wethrift:

1: New Delhi, India

The world’s cheapest destination is the capital of India, New Delhi. This bustling metropolis is full of fascinating cultural attractions and vibrant food markets where thrifty travelers can sample traditional Indian delicacies like butter chicken for as little as $2.41.

Qutub Minar tower in Delhi, India / Photo:

The average cost of attraction tours and tickets in New Delhi is relatively cheap at just $64.54, while accommodation for two for a weekend will set you back just $49.57 on average.

With 145 different nonstop flight routes serving New Delhi, you should be able to find cheap flight deals after some shopping around.

2: Hanoi, Vietnam

Next up is Hanoi, Vietnam, another fascinating capital city that’s long been a favorite destination for backpackers.

Photo: Hanoi, Vietnam. Courtesy of Silver Ringvee / Unsplash

With public transportation costing as little as $0.29 for a one-way trip, a staple Vietnamese meal such as pho costing just $2.17, and accommodations being even cheaper than New Delhi at an average of just $41.21 for a weekend for two, Hanoi is one of the world’s most affordable destinations—should you be able to get there. With just 61 direct flight routes to this destination, your flights to Hanoi will likely take up most of your budget.

3: Cairo, Egypt

While most travelers go to Cairo to visit the world-famous pyramids in nearby Giza, Egypt’s capital city has much more to offer, including buzzing local markets and cruises down the Nile.

Photo: Cairo, Egypt. Courtesy of Spencer Davis / Unsplash

It’s also very cheap, with weekend accommodations for two costing just $71.86 on average, traditional Egyptian meals like shakshuka averaging just $4.89 per head, and single public transport trips costing just $0.33.

4: Istanbul, Turkey

On the border of Europe and Asia, the cultural melting pot of Istanbul has tons to offer, from impressive ancient architecture and bustling bazaars to modern storefronts and stunning views over the Bosphorus Strait.

Photo: Istanbul Airport. Courtesy of Artem Bryzgalov / Unsplash

With public transportation costing an average of $0.52 for a single trip, and a traditional Turkish meal such as a kebab or meze costing around $8.70, it’s surprisingly cheap, too. However, average attraction and tour tickets are more expensive, averaging $121.28.

You should be able to find cheap flights with a bit of searching, too, as Istanbul Airport (IST) is one of the world’s biggest and busiest, with more than 300 direct flight routes.

5: Hurghada, Egypt

Situated on Egypt’s stunning Red Sea coast, the resort city of Hurghada is known for its picture-perfect turquoise waters. It is a hugely popular destination among scuba divers and windsurfers.

Photo: Hurghada, Egypt. Courtesy of Sean Wang / Unsplash

With public transportation fares costing just $0.17, attraction tours and tickets costing an average of $56.53, and an average meal setting you back $3.27, it’s also a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Other destinations to make the list include Bali in sixth place, where an average meal costs just $1.79 per head, and Bangkok in seventh, where a couple can spend just $56 on weekend accommodations.

For destinations closer to home, Santo Domingo came in 12th and Cancun in 15th place, while only two European destinations—Madrid and Barcelona—made the top 15 at 11th and 14th place, respectively.

The 15 Cheapest Travel Destinations:

RankDestinationFlight routesAffordability score
(out of 80)
1New Delhi, India14569.2
2Hanoi, Vietnam6163
3Cairo, Egypt12661
4Istanbul, Turkey30359.3
5Hurghada, Egypt7859.2
6Bali, Indonesia5253
7Bangkok, Thailand12652.6
8Marrakech, Morocco8749.7
9Phuket, Thailand6145.8
10Rio de Janeiro, Brazil4644.7
11Madrid, Spain20443.5
12Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic5841.6
13Doha, Qatar17739.6
14Barcelona, Spain20436.8
15Cancun, Mexico12236.8

On the other end of the scale, Florence, Italy was named the world’s most expensive travel destination, with accommodations costing an average of $315.59 per night and attractions and activities costing around $186.68 per person. The second-most expensive destination is Belfast, Northern Ireland, where a meal in a restaurant costs an average of $22.78 per person.

Sydney, Australia, was named the third most expensive destination, followed by New York City in fourth and London, England in fifth place.