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American Airlines Reveals Positive Changes To the AAdvantage Program

The airline has unveiled changes to its program, including new perks

by Rachel Dube

January 25, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of American Airlines

American Airlines has once again updated its AAdvantage Program. The Forth-Worth-based carrier will offer new perks when earning Loyalty Points and the ability to use miles to upgrade with partners.

While earning elite status will remain the same, the airline is adding the ability to redeem a Loyalty Point Reward for additional points towards AAdvantage status. For instance, you can choose 1,000 Loyalty Points at the 15,000 Loyalty Point Reward threshold, and so on. According to an interview with The Points Guy, this was added based on member feedback.

During the pandemic, the airline introduced a major overhaul to its AAdvantage Program. With these new upgrades, the perks of being a member are improving.

New Ways To Earn and Redeem Miles

This year, American Airlines will also offer passengers new ways to earn and redeem miles. For one, travelers will be able to earn redeemable miles and additional Loyalty points when they pay cash to upgrade to a higher cabin.

Photo: Flagship Dining. Courtesy of American Airlines

Next, the airline will allow Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum, and Concierge Key members to redeem miles for a visit to the Flagship First dining facility in Dallas Forth Worth International Airport (DFW) and Miami International Airport (MIA). The facility at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will also offer this but has been closed since the pandemic.

Lastly, American will introduce the ability to upgrade flights on certain partners using AAdvantage miles. This will come later in 2024 but is a big move for the airline.

Other Changes To Being An AAdvantage Member

American will make six other changes to its loyalty program for all members later in the year. This will include giving members six more months to use trip credits when voluntarily canceling flights on the airline’s website. In the past, trip credits were valid for one year from the date issued. Now, the one-year expiration will be reserved for AAdvantage members and non-members will only have six months to use the credit.

American also plans to allow AAdvantage members to voluntarily cancel basic economy tickets for a partial travel trip credit. To do this, American will take a $99 fee from the value of your ticket. Previously, basic economy tickets were not changeable or refundable after the 24-hour cancellation period. This update will be a big incentive for travelers to join the airline’s program.

Photo: Flagship Lounge. Courtesy of American Airlines

In addition, American is putting forth the idea that for new members, special ‘new-member’ perks will be available. These perks include free 24-hour ticket holds, the ability to purchase one-day passes to the Admirals Club, the ability to purchase a single visit passed to the Flagship Lounge, and free same-day standby.

While these benefits will now be exclusively available to AAdvantage members, it’s interesting to note that the airline used to offer these perks to every traveler, regardless of membership. This seems to indicate that American is focused on growing its new member base.

This year, American isn’t taking away perks or devaluing any benefits for members, which starts the year out on a positive note for all AAdvantage members.