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Momentum Ventures Aims to Revolutionize Business Travel

The lowdown on FlightHub,, and Flygreen

by Lark Gould

February 28, 2024

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Momentum Ventures, a holding company established in 2014, has emerged as a key player in the travel industry, boasting a collection of innovative brands that are reshaping the way we travel. With FlightHub, and Flygreen, Momentum Ventures has created an enhanced customer experience that optimizes technological infrastructures, doubles down on booking and flight efficiencies and creates opportunities for strategic business growth in business travel.

So, what’s the secret? These three new system solutions are breaking barriers to simplified travel.

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The cornerstone brand of Momentum Ventures, FlightHub has become a premier online travel agency catering to the Canadian market with budget-friendly flight options sought by business travelers and business enterprises of all sizes. The platform’s user-friendly interface and affordable travel solutions resonate particularly well with small businesses operating without a dedicated travel budget.

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Building on this success, Canada-based is a ticket sales platform for the U.S. market focusing on budget-friendly airline tickets and smart travel deals. From solo entrepreneurs to mid-sized companies, aims to ensure no business is left grounded due to prohibitive cost considerations.

Because most business trips remain within national borders, Momentum Ventures’ brands focus on domestic travel experiences. Whether it’s a cross-country conference or a regional client visit, their services cater to the frequent flyer.

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Another key business travel brand under the Momentum Ventures umbrella, Flygreen focuses on private jet travel. It brings the concierge touch to each unique itinerary and offers access to a vast fleet of more than 7,000 private aircraft that can cater to the needs of individual travelers, group bookings, and corporate travel planners.

Flygreen’s North American private jet charter brokerage focuses on straightforward solutions. For instance, business travelers pack light. Flygreen recognizes this, ensuring hassle-free journeys void of time wasted at baggage carousels or snaking through TSA lines.

The company also crafts bespoke itineraries with the help of its team of Jet Charter Executives. For CEOs and decision-makers, time saved is money made, and Flygreen manages both.

As businesses recalibrate their travel strategies, Momentum Ventures aims to maximize affordability, efficiency, and tailored experiences to become a go-to partner for corporate travel, whether for startup founders with big dreams or seasoned executives closing deals across continents.