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Flygreen: A Convenient Alternative in Private Aviation

The company offers short-notice trips for individuals and groups

by Business Traveler

January 22, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Jet Charter Executives

Interest in private air travel has soared in recent years, as travel habits have changed in the aftermath of the pandemic. With customers searching for a range of options in the world of private jets and charters, Business Traveler sat down with Matt Keezer, CEO, and Ryan Saroli, co-founder & VP of Sales for Flygreen, a Montreal- and New York-based jet charter company with access to more than 7,000 private aircraft. The company offers trips for individuals and groups, with arrangements available at up to just four hours’ notice. Here, Keezer and Saroli discuss what sets Flygreen apart from other companies in the private aviation space.

How would you describe air travel now as we continue to emerge from the pandemic years?

Matt Keezer: Air travel is making a strong comeback. Crowded airports, bustling lounges, and filled airplanes—often surpassing pre-pandemic capacities—indicate a resurgence in travel enthusiasm. Flygreen stands as a distinct alternative for those seeking elevated comfort and efficiency in this revived travel landscape.

How does Flygreen offer an alternative to commercial flying for individuals and groups?

MK: Our clients can book a private jet charter with as little as four hours’ notice, with no additional upfront costs or membership fees. This flexibility caters to the needs of travelers with dynamic schedules and offers hassle-free experiences.

Our Jet Charter Executives set us apart. They specialize in navigating the intricacies of personalized travel arrangements, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier service. Their adaptability sets us apart in meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Who are the best customers for Flygreen private aviation services, and why?

Ryan Saroli: Flygreen caters to a diverse clientele seeking an elevated travel experience. Our services are particularly well-suited for travelers with varied itineraries — those with dynamic schedules and a range of destinations on their agenda, including business meetings, family gatherings, or special events — time-sensitive travelers, and travelers with unique travel needs — sports, entertainment, hobbies, or corporate engagements.

What kinds of amenities and services can Flygreen provide that may not be available through other aviation companies, commercial or private?

RS: Flygreen’s aviation team has in-depth knowledge of our customers and the industries they work in. Understanding the nuances and granular details of an industry is imperative to understanding the customer. For example, when dealing with a casino customer, departure times need to be flexible. When we source a trip for a casino customer, Flygreen’s team will negotiate terms that ensure departure times can accommodate the rapidly changing schedules of customers that enjoy gaming.

Our approach to aircraft sourcing is driven by technology, which is a key element of our service. This method greatly enhances our capacity to pinpoint the most suitable aircraft for any given requirement, ensuring that our clients get the most effective solutions.

Photo: Courtesy of Jet Charter Executives

How expansive are Flygreen’s operations and where are they based?

MK: Flygreen currently operates in the North American market, with offices in New York, Toronto, and Montreal. We have ambitious plans to expand globally in the near future.

What aircraft options do you offer and which models seem to be the most popular?

RS: Flygreen provides access to more than 7,000 aircraft globally. Some popular models for business travel include the Gulfstream G-IV, Bombardier Challenger 605, Citation XL, Bombardier Global 6000, and Pilatus PC-12. Our comprehensive aircraft guide is available on Flygreen’s website.

Flygreen’s name implies a focus on environmental sustainability initiatives. What are those initiatives?

MK: We have taken tangible steps to make a positive impact on the environment, including orchestrating the planting of over 20,000 trees in North American forests, spanning regions such as British Columbia (Nazko Wildfire Restoration, Williams Lake) and Ruth Lake in California. We’ve also recently launched a brand-new carbon matching program, committing to match 50 percent of our customers’ carbon capture contributions.

Internally, we have introduced our Drive Green program. This encourages our employees to shift to electric vehicles and use public transit by offering monthly subsidies, fostering a work culture that values sustainability and conscientious living.

How do you book with Flygreen? Are there any upfront membership costs?
RS: Interested travelers can book by calling (888) 598-5102 or visiting There are no upfront membership costs.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.