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What Is It Like to Fly LATAM Premium Business?

The airline's brand-new flatbed Premium Business cabin is a competitive product worth trying

LATAM offers a satisfying menu for passengers / Photo: Courtesy of LATAM

LATAM is the biggest airline in Latin America, and it offers a Premium Business product that makes it easy to travel to, from and around South America. The airline’s network provides a simple way to get to Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Since LATAM is not part of any airline alliance, earning and redeeming miles can be challenging. However, if you are a member of LATAM Pass or Delta SkyMiles, you can benefit from the successful joint venture on flights between the U.S. and Latin America, which offers reciprocal benefits, such as lounge access and priority boarding. Even though the partnership isn’t as extensive as other airline alliances, LATAM’s brand-new flatbed Premium Business cabin is a competitive product worth trying.


Arriving at Miami International Airport three hours before departure, I was impressed by the seamless check-in process at the dedicated Premium Business area. Greeted by a courteous agent who swiftly checked my bags, I was handed a thin paper boarding pass.

Hungry and hoping for a satisfying meal, I headed straight to the LATAM lounge in Concourse J. Welcomed by polite agents, I was delighted to discover a diverse and plentiful food offering. The lounge boasted an expansive layout with various seating options, including tables set for two—ideal for solo travelers seeking space and privacy. The menu featured high-quality fare ranging from salads and sandwiches to hot dishes such as chicken breast with spinach and tomato gnocchi.

The highlight of the lounge experience was the extensive wine and spirits selection, showcasing Chilean wines alongside champagne, whiskey and more. Desserts were limited but sufficient, complemented by a coffee machine serving specialty drinks and a fresh juice dispenser.


Boarding began much earlier than scheduled, and to my surprise, the gate agents used facial recognition technology instead of scanning boarding passes. As soon as I stepped onto the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, I was struck by the elegant and spacious new Premium Business product. The cabin had wooden floors, ample galleys and the 787’s signature mood lighting, which warmly welcomed all passengers.

Each LATAM Premium Business seat can recline to a full-flat position and comes equipped with high-quality bedding for a comfortable sleep / Photo: Courtesy of LATAM

The Seat

The new Premium Business seats are designed with hard-shell exteriors that prevent the seat in front from reclining into your personal space. Additionally, the seats can go completely flat, offering a comfortable sleeping experience during long flights. There is also ample storage space behind or to the side of the seat, allowing passengers to keep their belongings within reach.

According to Martín Schwarzenberg Klein, LATAM’s cabin interior manager, the seats have been newly designed with a modern and trendy appearance. The seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration—a massive upgrade over the old 2-2-2 layout—providing direct access to the aisle. Moreover, each seat has a large table that can be folded from the side, featuring a beautiful granite surface that contributes to an overall cabin atmosphere that brings to mind a luxury boutique hotel. Additionally, all seats have power and USB outlets within easy reach, allowing travelers to stay connected and productive throughout their journey.

The new interactive flight map installed on the seatback screens is another innovative feature. Developed through a partnership with Panasonic Avionics Corporation, the map provides passengers a new way of viewing their destinations.

To enhance the in-flight entertainment experience, the seats also feature Bluetooth connectivity. Passengers can stay entertained through LATAM’s IFE portal, offering a selection of content including more than 170 movies, 430 TV episodes, over 120 music albums and content from Max, Paramount+ and Disney+.

One notable drawback is the lack of in-flight Wi-Fi, which could be a significant issue, especially on daytime flights between South and North America, which can be as long as 11 hours.

LATAM operates 26 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners / Photo: Courtesy of Chad Slattery

The Flight

With a late-night departure, my focus was on rest. Opting for breakfast only, I settled into my seat and was promptly accommodated by the attentive flight crew. The Dreamliner pushed back from the gate at 10:25 p.m., and shortly after takeoff, I changed into my comfortable pajamas and enjoyed a solid six-hour sleep on the spacious flatbed.

The bedding amenities ensured a cozy rest, with plush pillows and soft blankets contributing to a restful sleep experience. The amenity kit, designed by Judy Kaufmann, included essentials such as a face mask, earpods, socks and toiletries, all branded with LATAM’s signature style.

Upon awakening I was served a satisfying breakfast, featuring a hot bagel with ham and Swiss cheese, yogurt with granola, and fresh fruit. While the bagel could have been better toasted, the remarkable coffee stood out.

The cabin ambiance remained tranquil throughout the flight, ensuring a relaxed journey. The friendly flight attendants enhanced the experience with their warm demeanor and excellent service.

The Boeing 787 has a unique feature of windows with dimmer switches instead of conventional shades. This allows passengers to regulate the cabin’s light while enjoying the scenic beauty outside. However, it is important to note that the crew members may block the windows completely, making them opaque, which could benefit passengers who wish to sleep on daytime flights.


As we descended toward Santiago, greeted by the sunrise over the Chilean mountains, the cabin purser bid guests farewell with genuine warmth. Touching down smoothly at 6:26 a.m. local time, I reflected on the remarkably restful flight and LATAM’s outstanding service.


LATAM’s new Premium Business on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner delivers a sophisticated, comfortable and on-time experience. From the elegant cabin design to the attentive service and impressive amenities, this journey exemplifies the comfort and convenience that demanding business travelers seek. The overall experience left a lasting impression.