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Marriott Bonvoy’s New Nightly Upgrade Awards: What You Need to Know

The beloved loyalty program updates its member rewards with expanded brands and room options

by Enrique Perrella

March 18, 2024

The Tokyo Toranomon Edition features 206 guest rooms and 22 suites / Nikolas Koenig

For seasoned travelers and Marriott Bonvoy loyalists, a winds-of-change moment is upon us as the coveted Suite Night Awards (SNA) transform into the sleeker, more versatile Nightly Upgrade Awards (NUA). This evolution, announced last year, is finally hitting the scene, promising enhanced perks and experiences for elite members.

The name shift is not merely cosmetic: It aligns with the essence of the benefit. Each award now distinctly corresponds to a night in a premium room, not just limited to suites. The good news? There is no change in the number of nights covered. Platinum and Titanium Elite members can still select NUAs for five nights, maintaining the allure of elevated stays.

To widen the scope of luxury, NUAs extend their embrace to prestigious brands such as The Ritz-Carlton and Edition Hotels. This expansion encompasses high-end properties, promising members the chance to redeem awards for both suites and premium rooms, subject to availability. The addition of Aloft, Element and Protea Hotels increases the options.

Marriott aims to delight its members further by ramping up the inventory of rooms available for upgrades. A substantial 20-percent increase, fueled by the introduction of five new brands, promises a richer array of premium rooms and suites. From oceanfront views to spacious balconies, the additional room choices aim to redefine the notion of luxury within the Marriott ecosystem.

While these changes bring exciting prospects, there’s a caveat. The confirmation window for NUAs is shortened from five days to three before the scheduled check-in date. This adjustment introduces a new challenge, as the availability of upgraded rooms tends to dwindle closer to the check-in date, potentially impacting members’ ability to redeem their awards seamlessly.

Marriott Bonvoy loyalists find themselves at the intersection of anticipation and adaptation. The expanded brand portfolio and increased room choices signal a commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences. Yet the shorter confirmation window adds a twist, prompting members to strategize their upgrade requests more diligently.