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Take a Look Inside Michelle Zauner’s Passport

The lead singer of Japanese Breakfast is used to whirlwind tour schedules

by Eden Herbstman

July 7, 2023

Michelle Zauner/ Photo: Courtesy of Taylor Hill/Wire Image/Getty Images

As the best-selling author of Crying in H Mart and lead singer of Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner is used to whirlwind tour schedules. Following her memoir’s paperback tour, she is performing with her band throughout the summer. “It’s like traveling with a built-in friend group. Last year was explosive, but now we’re taking more time between shows to explore local color.” Her essentials for the road? Noise-canceling AirPods and Doritos. “It’s my new thing. I eat them and watch Couples Therapy.” Here, her memorable places.

Stockholm / Photo: Ian Dagnall/Alamy Stock


“I had a love affair with Stockholm the last time I was there. I stayed at the Downtown Camper by Scandic. They have a heated rooftop pool and a nice sauna, and giant glass jars of cornichons. I just remember having a delicious Bordeaux and eating cold cornichons around the pool. I’m looking forward to walking around the Old Town and eating pickled fish when I return.”

Panadería Rosetta / Photo: Courtesy of Panadería Rosetta

Mexico City

“We played at the House of Vans—it was my first time in Mexico City. The food was so amazing: We went to Contramar and had whole fish and tuna tostadas. It was one of my favorite restaurant experiences. We would also go to Panadería Rosetta for guava pastries and coffee and ride scooters around the city. I had the best time there—the people are so nice and the city is incredibly charming.”

Michelle Zauner / Photo: Justin Shin/Getty Images

Seoul, South Korea

“I was born in Seoul and plan on moving to Korea next year to start writing my second book. It’s going to be about studying the language and documenting the experience of living there. I was lucky to go during summers with my mother growing up, and I’ve gotten to return over the years for shows. It’s a special city for me. For so many years I saw it through the lens of my mother, but now I’m in this place where I’m discovering my Seoul.”

Hotel Locarno / Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Locarno


“In between shows my husband and I went to Rome. My editor at Knopf, Jordan Pavlin, told me I had to stay at Hotel Locarno. It was so delightful and the first time we indulged in a fancy hotel—it was around our anniversary. We drank a lot of negronis and spritzes, ate some great pasta and just had the best time.”