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Chase the Two Stunning Eclipses Coming to the U.S. Soon

In October and April, solar eclipses will dazzle the United States

by Everen Brown

September 21, 2023

Annular solar eclipse 2020 / Photo: Matthew Starling/iStock/Getty Images

On October 14, an annular eclipse will stretch from Oregon to Texas, covering eight states. Utah Luxury Tours is offering itineraries that include visits to three of the state’s national parks with a chance to see the eclipse. CEO Brian Murphy says, “Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos form a natural amphitheater for viewing the eclipse and provide spectacular photo opportunities.” These luxury packages can be combined with the Rocky Mountaineer train leaving from Denver or a Las Vegas round-trip tour. Red rocks, petroglyphs and the “ring of fire” make for a unique eclipse experience in America’s Southwest.

The grand show in the sky will continue April 8 with a total solar eclipse across North America. The path of totality makes it viewable from Mexico, then northeast through Texas, passing over 13 states and six Canadian provinces before it ends at the Atlantic Ocean. Weather permitting, it might set the record for the most people viewing an eclipse.

In Utah, Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos provide an ideal place for viewing the eclipse / Photo: Drew Hayes/Unsplash

Polly White, cofounder of, reminds eclipse chasers that they are “seeing the solar system in action and are standing in the shadow of the moon during totality.” She adds, “Many people cry when they see their first eclipse as they are overcome with emotion viewing this dramatic event.”

White has traveled the globe and is excited to see these eclipses crossing over her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “The golden ring of an annular eclipse appears otherworldly—especially if you did not know what was happening.”

The sun’s corona is an important part of an eclipse, White notes. “During totality, be sure to observe how far out the corona extends into space.” Her best advice for first-timers? “Don’t try to take photos—just enjoy the experience.” Killeen, Texas, a city of 159,000 people, expects its population may double during the April 8 event, as totality will last four minutes and 16 seconds, making it a prime viewing location.

Killeen is hosting an eclipse festival to help citizens and visitors get the most out of the experience. The Mayborn Science Theater will host educational solar eclipse events all week, leading up to the big show. With 23 parks as possible viewing areas, the city has been preparing for more than a year. With an emphasis on traffic management and safety eyewear, it will be ready for the influx of eclipse chasers.

From countryside festivals to city celebrations, eclipse events are being held throughout the country. Book soon, because if you miss these celestial happenings, you will have to wait until 2045 for the next total solar eclipse to return to the United States.