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A Totally Customized, One-Of-A-Kind Bottle of Clase Azul Awaits in Los Cabos

The brand's flagship boutique in Los Cabos, Mexico, offers an immersive travel experience yielding a personalized decanter for guests

by Jesse Scott

March 20, 2024

Clase Azul decanter / Photo: Courtesy of Clase Azul

Surely you’ve seen an iconic Clase Azul decanter donning a fine bar near you.

They’re hard to miss—with its decanters physically towering above their tequila and mezcal counterparts, handcrafted by Mexican artisans with a rounded top, donning oft eye-catching patterns and symbols, and coming in hues that span the color spectrum. And what’s inside is top-notch, too.

For those visiting the brand’s flagship boutique in Los Cabos, Mexico, you can now take an immersive questionnaire that results in a customized decanter quite literally like no other. Known as “Cosmos,” it’s the brand’s very first customization experience.

Clase Azul / Photo: Courtesy of Clase Azul decanter

So, how does it all work? According to David Ramos Horta, manager for the Los Cabos boutique, the Cosmos experience lasts no more than 20 minutes and includes 25 questions. The questions reflect a customer’s current energy (which helps define the decanter’s surface color), personality traits (which guide color highlights of the decanter reminiscent of air, water, earth or fire) and birthdate (resulting in one of twelve unique Cosmos symbols developed by the Clase Azul team). Additionally, folks can have three letters or numbers inscribed on their decanter.

Inside each one-liter decanter is a special, 12-month añejo tequila aged in American whiskey casks and finished in Champagne casks. The Cosmos experience and keepsake costs $850 total.

“The main inspiration behind this is that we are all part of the universe, and we are all changing constantly,” Horta tells Business Traveler. “It really does reflect a moment in time and also showcases the magic of Mexico.”

Clase Azul Destinations

The Clase Azul boutique, located at The Shoppes at Palmilla in Los Cabos, is only one part of a broader brand “destination” that opened in 2022. Known as Clase Azul La Terraza, the destination includes the boutique as well as a Clase Azul restaurant with morsels spanning blue shrimp and mole to scallop and octopus ceviche; a bar with handcrafted tequila and mezcal concoctions and Baja wine; an omakase experience with a 14-course seafood-meets-Mexican inspired menu; and an intimate “Taste of Culture” space for intimate tastings and pairings. As part of the tasting experience, guests get to indulge in five Clase Azul staples.

“The entire space is all about creating an experience and everything here is very centered on being handmade and artisanal,” says Horta. “Not only are we helping tell a story here, but when someone leaves, they will have many stories to tell themselves.”

Clase Azul was founded in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1997 by Arturo Lomeli, a then 23-year-old bar owner who wished to shine a light on his Mexican heritage via an exquisite tequila. Now 27 years in and available in 59 countries, the brand is considered among the global tequila and mezcal heavyweights, taking home top accolades from the likes of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and beverage Tasting Institute.