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Uber Continues to Dominate Ride-hailing Expenses

New report from Certify shows company at nearly 73 percent of transactions, with Lyft hovering at 22 percent

Uber continues to dominate car-related ride hailing transactions in the first quarter, according to the latest SpendSmart report from Certify, an online spend management solution, which said its results were based on more than 10 million receipts. The rideshare giant was responsible for nearly 73 percent of all transactions in its category, while Lyft took close to 22 percent – up nearly 4 percent over the same quarter a year ago — with taxis accounting for the remainder. Uber was also the least expensive option among business travelers, with an average receipt of $25.19 compared with $25.32 for Lyft, while taxis had an average fare of $33.53.

While the average Uber and taxi expenses have remained about the same from year to year, the average Lyft price increased nearly $6 over that time.

The report also showed extensive use by business travelers of scooters, with Bird the front runner with 46 percent of all receipts/expenses, compared with 42 percent for Lime and 8 percent for Razor.

Food delivery was another common business expense in Q1 2019. Grubhub topped the list at 29% of all transactions compared to 21% for Uber Eats, 21% for DoorDash, 14% for Postmates, 10% for Caviar, and 6% for Seamless.

Caviar was the most expensive food delivery service in Q1 2019, with an average receipt of $113.61 compared to $81.16 for Seamless, $61.57 for Grubhub, $58.72 for DoorDash, $58.25 for Uber Eats, and $56.23 for Postmates. Caviar was also the highest rated service in Q1, scoring a perfect 5.0 in Certify’s 5-star rating system, followed by Uber Eats at 4.6 and Seamless at 4.5. Q1 2019 was the first quarter in which Certify tracked Caviar.