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Traveler’s Guide to San Diego, California

When you think of San Diego, California, what comes to mind?

Is it a wind-tousled surfer dude on the beach? Is it the relaxed, friendly atmosphere? Is it the glistening blue sea? Perhaps it is all of these things, and if that’s the case, then you wouldn’t be wrong! San Diego is indeed these attractions all combined. However, it is also much more than that, and this guide will help you see what else you can enjoy there.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is famous the world over and should come as no surprise that no matter where you go, you are likely to see posters and advertisements for it. It’s not just hype though; it really is a fascinating place to visit, and you might even need more than one trip in order to see everything. Of the 3,000 animals that represent over 650 different species, you’ll find delights such as:




Arctic foxes




Plus plenty more!

If you think of your favorite animal, there is likely to be a variant of it at San Diego Zoo.


You may think you already have a good idea of what SeaWorld has to offer if you compare it to other sea parks in the country and beyond, but SeaWorld in San Diego is different. Not only are there the beautiful sea creatures to find out more about, but there is also an exciting theme park too as well as shows and presentations where you can get closer to the animals than ever before. Picking up Seaworld San Diego tickets is a must when you visit the area.

Balboa Park

A visit to Balboa Park is not ‘just’ a visit to Balboa Park – there is a huge amount to do there. Firstly, it’s a beautiful space, around 1200 acres, which offers a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of San Diego’s main streets. However, on top of that, within the park itself, there are an incredible 17 museums including:

San Diego Museum of Art

San Diego Natural History Museum

San Diego History Center

San Diego Museum of Man

You can walk around the park quite easily, but if you want to experience something different, why not try the park’s very own tram system?

Pacific Beach

It would be virtually impossible to talk about San Diego without mentioning its amazing beaches, and Pacific Beach is perhaps the best of them all. It’s not just a beach though. It’s the atmosphere and the area around it that really makes it unique. No matter what your worries are, whether you’re dealing with water damage in San Diego, a persistent bill that needs paying, a work problem, or relationship issues, you can kick back and relax at Pacific Beach and let those worries melt away.

Garnet Avenue

Try walking along Garnet Avenue where you’ll find restaurants, bars, and stores to enjoy, or people watch on a blanket on the sand. Head to Crystal Pier at the far end of the beach and try your hand at fishing, or just gazing into the water. It’s the ideal place to forget all your worries.