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Velas Resorts Test Sense of Smell to Warn of COVID-19

Guests and staff sniff coffee, garlic and citrus to identify one common symptom of coronavirus

August 26, 2020

Coffee, garlic and citrus are the foundation of a quick COVID-19 test given to both guests and staff at Velas Resorts in Mexico.

With the travel industry calling for more testing to blunt the effects of pandemic-related travel restrictions, this is one simple test that does have a basis in science. According to a study by King’s College, London, England, one symptom consistent with all six of the distinct types of a novel coronavirus infection is loss of the sense of smell.

Before entering one of the resorts, guests and staff will be asked to smell a sachet (a small perfumed cloth pouch) and identify the particular scent. The sachets are one of three distinctly different scents: garlic, coffee, or citrus. By requiring guests and staff to smell and identify the sachet, it will reveal if they exhibit any smell-sensory loss.

Guests will be expected to participate in this test upon arrival and staff must also participate in the test before beginning their workday, as well as before leaving their homes.

Along with this new safety measure, Velas Resorts is continuing with their comprehensive Stay Safe with Velas Program. The health and sanitary protocols for both guests and staff members adhere to standards dictated by the World Health Organization and the government of Mexico.

Examples of protocols being implemented by the resort collection include:

• frequent health and temperature checks for both guests and staff

• sanitizing mats and booths

• touchless hand sanitizing dispensers

• increased cleaning and sanitation with both EPA-chemicals and UV light

• special COVID-19 training for staff.

Velas Resorts are located in Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and Los Cabos, Mexico.