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Tips on How to Use Social Media to Receive Improved Service from Airlines

Tips on how to use social media to receive improved service from airline companies.

Airline companies have made it a lot easier to travel within a country or even across continental borders. This has allowed for better access to business and leisure related activities. With airline travel having become more accessible to the masses, it means that the volume of passengers and freight has increased too. This leads to the requirement on the part of the airline companies to create a system that is efficient in order to ensure that travel is smooth.

Companies have introduced many means to aid efficient facilitation of passenger travel. Online bookings and social media customer interaction have been introduced to enhance the user experience. Now, companies are trying to be more imaginative and have started posing difficult questions such as whether it would be possible for the use of developed artificial intelligence or whether biometric airports are going to take off. Here are some tips on how to influence an airline company to get better service, by using social media.

1. Tweat via Twitter

Twitter has been known to be a very efficient social media tool for communication. Especially owing to its hashtag feature that allows one to see what is trending on the site. It ensures that companies take faster measures in order to ensure that their public image is maintained. Many travellers have experimented with the same and have seen better results than calling the customer care of the airlines.

Believe it or not, airlines give a lot of importance to their social media image and even have a team to monitor the same. Owing to the public nature of the message that you put out, a lot of attention and importance is given to it. This ensures that this is where one can expect the quickest response.

2. Use the private messaging feature

Despite the fact that bringing up an issue on social media platforms is definitely a sure-shot way to grab attention online, it does not necessary imply that it will lead to faster or better service, according to Joshua March the chief-officer and founder of Conversocial- a provider of social customer service. Many-a-times, the public social media interaction ends up turning into a mudslinging contest with many unnecessary participants involving themselves and little being achieved in the end.

Another shortcoming with public interaction on social media is the fact that customer service agents of companies will not procure personal information from a flyer on a forum that is public. Thus, to overcome this, options such as direct message on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Business Chat on Apple, or Whatsapp could be availed or private communication.

3. Expand your presence on social media

One important aspect that airline companies notice is whether the customer has a large following on social media. They are especially trained to spot out influencers who have sufficient interaction with the public at large. Obviously, it is not essential that you have millions or thousands of followers on your social media handles, but having some presence on social media definitely helps.

Airline companies easily notice when a profile is brand new and is only used to communicate them. Thus, having a profile that is developed with your photo, a decently written bio and sufficient activity history can go a long way in getting matters resolved.