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Take the Business Traveler COVID-19 Impact Survey

Worldwide reader’s poll seeks to gauge the impact of coronavirus on business travel, both now and in the coming months

In the past few months as restrictions put in place because of COVID-19 have begun to ease, we are beginning to see a slow recover of travel. Airlines are now reinstating flights, hotels are reopening, and many businesses – and business travelers – are starting to consider travel.

To understand how the virus has impacted your travel, and how you think it will be affected in the coming months, Business Traveler magazines around the world are launching a global survey.

The questions cover your travel patterns, both before COVID-19 restrictions and at present, and how you see the virus your travels in the future. We are asking our readers to participate by going to: Survey

The deadline for taking the survey is Aug. 8, and results are set to be published later this year. All responses will, of course, be treated as confidential and only analyzed as a group rather than attributable to you as an individual.