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Survey Says Travelers More Concerned with Safety At Train Stations vs. Airports

Global business travelers feel more nervous at train or subway stations than at airports, according to research commissioned by Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Business travelers are most worried about subways and train stations (50 percent), walking (42 percent), ridesharing services (39 percent), buses (39 percent), taxis (36 percent) and trains (35 percent). Rounding out the top 10 are airports (34 percent), airplanes (31 percent), eating out (30 percent), and hotels (27 percent).

Travelers from the US are most worried about subways and train stations (56 percent) while Canadian travelers are the least worried (31 percent). Christophe Renard, vice president of CWT Solutions Group, the consultancy arm of the company, said travel managers should focus their safety and security programs on what travelers worry about most. He said that small things like providing clear instructions on getting out of the airport, informing travelers of trustworthy suppliers and offering basic tips on how to address dangerous situations can all make a big difference.

by Dan Booth