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SkyTeam Enhances Feedback Options With Newest App Release

SkyTeam wants feedback from its frequent flyers.

The latest release of the app offers many new features. The alliance has made it easier than ever for users to provide suggestions and more via the SkyPriority Audit app.  

A community of 12,000 elite-level frequent flyers around the globe and across the 20 alliance members is a dedicated online community platform. The platform uses feedback gathered real-time to ensure consistent standards at every SkyPriority touchpointfrom check-in and security to boarding and baggage collection at over 1,000 airports worldwide.

“SkyTeam aims to deliver customers a seamless end-to-end travel experience across a global network, we want to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations at every level and there’s no better way to do this than by listening to them,” said Mauro Oretti, SkyTeam’s Vice President – Sales & Marketing. “The brand-new observer community puts our customers and our members at the heart of the alliance and its future, taking on board their opinions, experiences and suggestions to deliver value for all.”

The new app gives users new options:

Future vision: the new‘Jet Setters’ community is a platform for research beyond the standard SkyPriority touchpoints. Panel app members can participate in moderated discussions relevant to SkyTeam, submit ideas for future developments and help form the future of the alliance.

Easier access: top frequent flyers can now sign up to become a new observer in a matter of clicks via the app. A series of three simple questions qualifies their eligibility, replacing the previous online registration form. Once a member, observers can also log-in via their Facebook account – another new feature.

Competitive edge: to recognize and reward contributors for their feedback, SkyTeam has introduced a ‘Your Contribution’ rating system. Auditors can see how many reviews they’ve submitted and are awarded badges for reaching targets, including the number of airports, observations, pictures and more.

To make it easy on users, the SkyPriority Panel app is available in 16 languages and free to download, it enables frequent travelers to review their experience, add comments and upload photos. Information is shared across member airlines in real-time to quickly identify and rectify any potential issues.

If this is something you’re interested in, just download the SkyPriority Panel app from your preferred app store and you can start contributing straight away.