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Ride-sharing App Lyft Goes Green

Travelers hailing a ride from Lyft can now request a hybrid or electric vehicle

Travelers hailing a ride from Lyft can now request a hybrid or electric vehicle. Lyft customers who select “Green Mode” when booking a ride — now available in Seattle, but eventually to be offered as an option in cities across the US — will be routed to drivers at the wheel of eco-friendly vehicles.

As part of its Green Cities Initiative, Lyft plans to introduce thousands of electric vehicles to its ride-sharing platform in 2019.  “Replacing gasoline-powered cars with EVs is a significant step forward in our efforts to fight climate change, and to improve the quality of life in our cities,” the company said in announcing the availability of Green Mode.

Lyft said that the switch to electric vehicles will also help drivers, who can increase their hourly earnings by reducing fuel costs. The company estimated that the cost of driving electric vehicles is about half that of gasoline-powered cars.

Electric vehicles also will be rolled out as part of Express Drive, a Lyft initiative that works like a long-term rental program and includes unlimited miles, maintenance, and insurance coverage. The program will launch with unlimited charging of electric vehicles included. Express Drive has already debuted in Seattle and Atlanta, with plans to expand the program over the course of 2019.