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Plan a Weekend Getaway in San Diego

If you’re looking to have a weekend getaway in Southern California, then San Diego is the place for you.

Brimming with things to do and places to see, and bustling with both American and Mexican culture, it’s well worth going west for. The problem is, there’s just so much to do in San Diego! Without a plan, quite simply, you will not be able to do or see half of the things that you want to. So, make that plan, and use the helpful information below to assist you in doing so.

Go on a tour

If you want to see a lot during your getaway, then hopping aboard a tour in San Diego is the best thing that you can do. Doing so will see you travel through the infamous Old Town, a place that will give you a taste of all things Mexico without going south of the border into Tijuana, although, as a side note, that is very much something that you should be doing when you’re in this part of the world. You’ll go through the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown, where you’ll never be bored thanks to all the food, bars and entertainment on offer; and you’ll be able to go on the North Park brewery tour, a specifically designed tour to see you experience the many craft beers that San Diego has to offer.

The Zoo

Whether you’re a lover of the animal kingdom or not, the San Diego Zoo is a must. Being one of the biggest, most diverse zoos in the world, as well as being one of the best in regards to conservation and preservation efforts, this is a zoo that is famous enough to have become a landmark in downtown San Diego in recent times, and you can’t miss a landmark!

If you’re left wanting for more after a visit to the SD Zoo, then fear not because there’s another animal kingdom close by that’ll be sure to fulfill your wildlife desires. By heading out of the bustle of downtown and towards Escondido, just northeast of La Jolla, you’ll find the San Diego Safari. This is a much bigger plot of land (1,800 acres, to be precise) that plays host to a number of unique animals that you won’t have seen in the zoo, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving San Diego without seeing your favorite animal.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a famous peninsula that sits locked between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay. Boasting 2-miles of broad white beaches and peaceful bay waters, this is a part of San Diego that you should head to should you find yourself in dire need of rest. You can stay deep into the night, too, due to the implementation of safe-fire zones, meaning your barbecue need be put out at sundown.San Diego really is the perfect place to head to for a weekend getaway if you’re a lover of different cultures and seeing them all mix together to form one. So get planning and make your next weekend away one to remember.