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Packing for a Business Trip? Don’t Forget These Items

It’s likely you have a lot of pressure on your shoulders ahead of a business trip.

For instance, you might need to plan a presentation, arrange contracts, or consider how to pitch your business in the best possible light to a potential client, partner, or investor.

As a result, it could lead to you overlooking one or two important items when packing your case, so read below and to get an idea of the essentials, you must not forget for a business trip.

Phone Accessories

A dead battery or broken phone could be your worst nightmare during a business trip. Not only might you be unable to get in touch with a client, but you might also be unable to telephone your loved ones at home. That’s why you must make sure to pack your essential phone accessories in your suitcase, such as a charger and protective phone cases.

Relaxation Aids

Business travel can be stressful. On top of catching flights, trains, and taxis, you might also need to juggle sending emails, making calls, and finding a meeting or conference location. That’s why it’s vital to take relaxation aids to help you unwind and de-stress during a trip.

For example, download your favorite movies onto your computer to watch during a flight, take a good book to read at a hotel, or fill your smartphone with music that will calm you down before an important meeting.

Business Cards

Business travel will allow you to meet different people from all walks of life and industries. Ensure you never miss a networking opportunity by packing professional business cards with you. You never know who you might meet on your travels, so keep some cards in your pocket to hand out at an exhibition, meeting, or at a hotel bar.

Evening Wear

While you must pack smart clothing into your suitcase for a business event, you also should include some evening wear in your luggage. In some cases, an industry associate, client or investor might ask you to join him or her for dinner or drinks to discuss business. Ensure you have an outfit ready, so you aren’t forced to turn down their invitation. Pack smart shirts, trousers, or trendy plus size dresses to make the right impression.


As you might be preoccupied with planning the perfect suit or dress for a business meeting or event, you might completely forget to pack your pajamas. You can guarantee you’ll love nothing more than slipping into the comfortable clothing after a big meeting or conference, so pack lightweight, cozy pajamas that will make you feel more at home at a hotel.

Travel Documentation

Last but by no means least is your travel documentation. You will not want to arrive at the airport only to discover you’ve forgotten your passport or boarding passes, which could lead to you missing an important business meeting or conference. You also will not want to travel all the way to your destination to be turned away at the gate as you do not have a travel visa. Double check your overseas requirements before a trip and ensure you have the appropriate documentation in your carry-on.