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Uber Voucher Program Brings New Business Opportunities

New payment tool would enable businesses to pay fare for customer trips

Uber is introducing a new payment tool called Vouchers that will enable businesses to pay the fare on a partner’s or client’s trip. The company said Vouchers would make it easy for businesses to cover trips to attract new clients or support loyalty and service for existing customers. Businesses with an Uber account can create Vouchers and send them to customers via email, social media and mobile messaging. Customers can then open the link and automatically add the Voucher to their Uber app until it expires. Vouchers can be applied for specific days of the week, times, and pick-up and drop-off locations.

Every day, around 15 million Uber trips happen across the world. With the launch of Uber Vouchers, businesses can cover the cost of these rides to move their customers and guests where they need to go. Uber Vouchers gives businesses the way to sponsor transportation and create a differentiated experience — attracting new customers, rewarding existing ones, or enhancing customer service — by taking care of getting them there.

The ride sharing company is currently working with such retailers, restaurants and service providers as Westfield malls, TGI Fridays, Live Nation, Sprint, and the Golden State Warriors to integrate vouchers into the customer experience and drive business value.

Companies already offering customers shuttle or rental car services can also make effective use of Uber Vouchers. The vouchers can provide a real-time, flexible transportation option for customers while reducing operational overhead and fixed costs.

Ronnie Gurion, global head of Uber for Business, said that with the international launch of the new feature, Uber’s goal is to unlock an additional growth lever for businesses by creating an innovative way to bring customers to their door or wherever they need to go.