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On-demand venue reservations solution lets companies book meetings spaces for teams working from home

On-demand meeting venue reservations site, which offers an inventory of over 150,000 spaces around the world, has introduced a workspace sourcing solution to help companies book of local workspaces for teams working from home.

As the pandemic has caused many companies to reduce their office footprint, employees are looking for new ways to work outside the traditional office environment. Companies need safe, preapproved workspaces to maintain employee productivity and well-being.

Ciaran Delaney, CEO of, said that employees used to build personal connection with colleagues at their offices but with the new distributed workforce, this is set to evolve in the post-COVID-19 era.

In addition to all the major hotel groups, offers co-working space among providers such as Breather, Convene, WorkSpace and Serendipity. The company says over 50 percent of meeting reservations already go to non-hotel venues.

The new offering will also allow clients to source short-term office rental and co-working spaces, as well as day passes, without sacrificing safety or control. Delaney said this is the first of many new workspace features that will launch, including with hotel partners.