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Medjet Adds Transport Benefit for COVID-19 Patients

Starting Oct. 19, members hospitalized with COVID-19 within the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean can get air medical transport home

Medjet, the air medical transport and security response membership program for travelers, has announced that beginning Oct. 19, it is including members with active COVID infections in its program. Previously Medjet – like all other programs of its kind – had excluded COVID-19 transport.

Members who fall ill from COVID-19 and become hospitalized while traveling in the contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, can now be transported to a home hospital of their choice.

Medjet said it had been able to source more aircraft with isolation pods, and crews with proper training. “We have worked through operational issues, clearances and ongoing restrictions relative to the 48 contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands,” said Mike Hallman, CEO of Medjet.

In an attempt to reassure travelers, some airlines are offering free COVID-19 hospitalization insurance, but such coverage may not include repatriation of coronavirus patients to home facilities.

Broader international transport for COVID-19 is not yet available, but all other hospitalization events for which Medjet transports remain covered. “Members hospitalized internationally, who are not COVID-positive, remain eligible for transport to their hospital at home,” said Hallman.

The new benefit will be available to current and new MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon members as of Oct. 19. Medjet memberships will remain the same price, starting at $99.

See more information about Medjet’s coronavirus services here.