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JetBlue Foundation and Project Scientist Collaborate And Inspire Girls in STEM

The JetBlue Foundation and Project Scientist connect to create a Summer Academy for girls.  

The camps introduce science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to girls ages four to 12, with a look at companies and college programs that focus on STEM and incorporate women currently working in the field.

“Cultivating an interest in STEM at a young age is critical to a variety of career opportunities, including aviation,” said Joanna Geraghty, president, JetBlue Foundation. “A strong STEM foundation early in a student’s academic career lays the groundwork for future success. To help the next generation of aviators take off, the JetBlue Foundation is focused on providing access and encouraging curiosity among all students.”

The company not only supports funding for the program, they also contribute their employees.  The camps incorporate current women working in the STEM field to interact with the students.  The mentor and in-kin support also allows the students to connect with experts in their field of interest.  

“For several years JetBlue has been a key supporter of our mission to educate, coach and advocate for girls with an aptitude, talent and passion for STEM,” said Project Scientist CEO and founder Sandy Marshall. “JetBlue’s continuing financial and educational support will help today’s campers become tomorrow’s problem solvers in science, technology, engineering and math.”

The JetBlue Foundation is currently accepting applications for the next round of grants. For grant criteria or to submit an application, go to