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HMSHost and American Airlines Join the Movement to Eliminate Plastic Straws

HMSHost, the North American airport restaurateur has pledged to stop serving plastic straws by 2020.  

The movement underway to clean-up the environment has caught on rapidly after headlines stating 175 billion straws are found in landfills and oceans annually. American Airlines has joined as well.  The airline bean using biodegradable, eco-friendly straws and wood serve sticks in July in its lounges.  By November, the plastic straws will be eliminated from the airplane service.

“At HMSHost, we believe that each of us can start somewhere to make our world a better place. Today, I’m proud to further our commitment as good corporate citizens with the elimination of plastic straws by 2020,” said HMSHost President and CEO Steve Johnson. “Our position in this industry allows us to lead in the areas of sustainability and environmental protection. I encourage our industry peers to join us in this vital step to have a lasting impact for future generations.”

HMSHost has eliminated the plastic cocktail stirrers and in most of its casual dining locations.  The company promoted the change by creating straw-free signature cocktails and pushed out the straw-free message on social media with the hashtag #NoStraws.

At American, the airline recognizes it the changes will eliminate over 71,000 pounds of plastic per year.

“We’re very excited and proud to share this initiative with our team members and customers,” said Jill Surdek, Vice President, Flight Service. “We’re cognizant of our impact on the environment and we remain committed to doing our part to sustain the planet for future generations of travelers.”

It’s great to see the movement catch on and find eco-friendly ways to take care of its customers.  

by Elizabeth Atkinson