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Hilton’s Connected Room

Hilton’s IT gurus came up with a concept to give users a connected room that is customized to its guests preferences across its properties.

Currently, guests can find Connected Room technology at four hotels near Memphis with almost 500 rooms. These rooms give guests the ability to use the Hliton Honors App or TV Remote to control lights, TV Channels, Room temperature and more.

The next step is to roll out the technology across five brands and thousands of rooms.  And, finally, Hilton will roll out the technology across 100 countries and 14 brands.

The technology is user friendly and can evolve with changing customer needs through software updates – to add new features or experiences. There is an environmental benefit to the technology as well.  When rooms aren’t booked, hotels can ensure devices such as the TV and HVAC are not wasting energy.  The AI component gives guests the ability to use what they need and save energy while it’s not in use.

It’s exciting to see the technology take off as it tracks guests favorite settings – and more.