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Higher Fashion – Part 3 of 5

Along with expanding fleets and blossoming route maps, airlines are plowing their years of unprecedented profitability back into their products, with reimagined lounges and new inflight offerings.

So it is not surprising that airline fashion is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts.  Here’s a look at some of the carriers who are rolling out the latest designs.

United Airlines

At the same time, United also announced plans for new uniforms. As with Eva Air, these are being developed in collaboration with a fashion house – well, three in this case. Brooks Brothers, Tracy Reese and Carhartt will all contribute to the new collection, which will undergo a comprehensive series of tests, focus group analysis and consultation before it gets rolled out. Meanwhile Tumi will be responsible for developing luggage for all 24,000 of United’s flight attendants.

The current timeline for the new uniforms to enter use is sometime in 2020, so travelers will have to wait quite a while before they can witness the fruits of these labors.


Low-cost carrier Flydubai has introduced its first uniform redesign which coincided the roll out of the carrier’s 737 Max 8 service which began in late 2017.

The distinctly casual attire features patterned shirts and zip-up jackets alongside more formal features such as long skirts, blazers and three-quarter coats – all of which were designed by Dubai-based hospitality supplier, A. Ronai LLC.

In part 4 of the series we will look at American Airlines and Scoot.