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Delta Breaks Records in June

Delta announced they just ended the second quarter with a record 50 million customers flown between April and June of 2018.  

On top of that June was the highest month in Delta’s history flying almost 17.7 million passengers.  

Dave Holtz, Delta’s Senior Vice President — Operations and Customer Center – states, “We’ve made a commitment to our customers to be a reliability leader, delivering a safe, on-time product and the 80,000 employees of Delta are doing just that. We’re seeing customers fly Delta in record numbers this summer and it’s a resounding testament to the hard work and focus of our employees.”

The records look like they will continue to fall.  Current loads shows July 20thas a full load for the carrier with 6,092 flights across the system that day – which will make it the highest one-day total for Delta.

by Elizabeth Atkinson