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Biometric Scans Making Their Way to Hertz

Hertz is teaming up with Clear, a maker of biometric screening kiosks found at many airports, in an effort to reduce the time it takes to pick up a rental car.

Hertz launched its biometric scans at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The scans will be rolled out to 40 more Hertz locations in the US in 2019, including John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program members with access to Clear will be able to bypass the counter, pick up a car and head to the exit gate. There, Clear pods equipped with cameras and touchscreens can read their faces or their fingerprints. If they match up with Hertz’s reservation data, the gate will open. Hertz will have at least one lane dedicated to Clear members at each location.

by Dan Booth