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Adjusting Your Approach To Navigating Good Relationships With Your International Clients In Times Of Global Crisis

Developing robust relationships in business are imperative. Your business relationships are like a bank account.  You invest your time in the relationship.

Developing robust relationships in business are imperative. Your business relationships are like a bank account.  You invest your time in the relationship. You grow the investment through emails, phone calls, and presentations with the hope of withdrawing a lucrative new connection.  Connections are a coveted commodity that equates to financial gains in business relationships.  

In contrast to a domestic business relationship, an international business relationship has the obstacle of distance to overcome.  This obstacle can be even more challenging during this time of Global Crisis.  Many corporate business executives are scrambling to readjust their approach to international business.


John Mahr, founder of El Hefe Distributors of Fine Foods International Food Broker, “I have started fostering my international relationships with my clients through digital methods like Video Conferencing in preparation for the travel ban…I am thankful for WhatsApp and other forms of long-distance communication that has enabled me to continue serving my corporate international business clients and assist them in this time of crisis.” Today the quickly developing changes that are occurring due to this Global crisis require fast-acting business professionals to adapt their ways of communication to continue the investment in international business relationships. Exhibiting the foreign clients they can trust you to maintain the continuity of the link even during extenuating times like this global pandemic is key to cementing those relationships.    


Many companies are choosing to protect their clients and their staff during this global crisis.  The need to balance the servicing of international relationships and ensuring the safety of the employees is at the forefront of many executive’s minds.  Rosaria Fortunato, Private Wealth management banker, Milan Italy, has a great approach to managing the international relationship with the bank’s clients.  Rosaria Fortunato exclaimed, “Our business is Private banking; therefore, our goal is to manage our clients’ portfolios and to create a positive revenue for them. We are used to visiting our clients; however, as you know, financial markets are telematics for a long time, so, for our business, its not difficult to follow our clients from far away.  In this period, in Italy, but also Switzerland, the bank banned all travels, and all of us are working from home. Working from home, in this way we can give them a good service, nevertheless, we are not allowed to visit them.  This is the power of technology! We have to think about this: we can do our business remotely, as at the office, we are lucky since we can do this! In the past, this wouldn’t have been possible! In this terrible period, with the pandemic that is hitting the worldwide economy, just the technology, the internet connection, will permit us to save, even if partially, our economy”.


Shipments can be problematic during a Global Crisis.  Many of us are adding logistics to the services we offer international clients in a quest to exceed expectations and maneuver the ever-changing situation during this global crisis.   International customers expect excellent service from you. To raise the bar of what your company offers, you can get an implementation of logistics to track your cargo. A global logistics company is an asset in the aspect of product transportation and tracking.  An international logistics company is in charge of planning, implementing, and controlling both information and physical materials and shipments of products as they travel from one point to another. “For almost three decades, Jaguar freight has been stewarding companies supply chains during a good and troubled time, such as these.  Our technology combined with our ability to navigate these uncertain times continues to aid us in delivering the service our clients continuously rely on. Our thoughts go out to our clients and their families as we all hope for a speedy end to this situation.” Tim Rodriguez, Executive Relations Manager, Jaguar Freight Services. Through good stewards like Jaguar that facilitate the freight services for your international clients, you can exceed international clients’ expectations.