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Frequent Flyers Most Likely to Book their Flights through Smartphones

New survey underscores new levels of comfort premium flyers have with their smartphone capabilities, says CWT

The most active business travelers are the most likely of any consumer travel cohort to book their flights through their smartphones, according to research conducted by the business travel management company, CWT.

Travelers who make an excess of five trips annually are 13 percent more likely to book on their smartphones, while travelers revisiting a location are 11 percent more likely to do so.

Amit Wurgraft, chief experience officer, digital, said that the findings are clear: the more you travel, the more you use your smartphone, and that includes booking your flights directly through an app.

This is also why travelers are more likely to book on mobile when they have visited the destination in the past. Mobile bookings are also more likely to be in higher fare classes. Compared to bookings made on a computer, bookings made on a smartphone are 15.8 percent more likely to be in business class, 15 percent more likely to be premium economy and 8.4 percent more likely to be first class.

The results also show there is a correlation between when and how travelers book. The closer the departure date, the more inclined travelers are to book through their mobiles. Sixty-two percent of mobile bookings are done between one day and one week prior to departure, but only 28 percent of computer bookings are done during that time.