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IATA VP Peter Cerdá Shares Insights on Airline Industry Challenges, Recovery, and Growth

Returning to our studio, the Vice President of the International Air Transport Association reflects on the airline industry's performance and post-pandemic recovery

by ReachTV

April 12, 2024

In a revealing interview, Peter Cerdá, regional VP for the Americas at IATA, reflects on a turbulent year in aviation in North, Central and South America.

Despite earlier predictions, losses in Latin America were mitigated, with post-pandemic markets like Mexico and Colombia leading a strong recovery. However, challenges persist, especially in Brazil, where high taxes and regulatory hurdles hinder growth.

Cerdá also discusses the global issue of aircraft supply shortages and praises Copa Airlines for its resilience and expansion efforts. “We want an open market. We want a fair market that everyone is able to compete on an equal playing field without any sort of distortion or competitive advantage for one airline over another,” he says, advocating for fair competition and open markets, emphasizing the crucial role of successful airlines in improving regional connectivity. Will his insights shape the industry’s trajectory in 2024?