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Take a Look Inside Beverly Nguyen’s Passport

The stylist and designer shares her favorite travel destinations, from Hong Kong to Jalisco, Mexico

by Eden Herbstman

May 9, 2024

Beverly Nguyen / Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Fashion Scholarship Fund

Stylist and designer Beverly Nguyen owns New York’s hip home-goods store Beverly’s, a one-stop shop for durable items to help simplify life and, soon, travel. “I want to offer a cheat sheet to pack, store and cook, to be prepared for anything.” She’s also expanding her home collection, with fragrances, textiles and more. A prepared travel approach stems from her global career. “A good stylist knows the hacks to real-life issues.” Off the clock, her journeys are educational and nurturing: “A good vacation is when I can observe.” Here, her treasured trips.

The Peninsula Hotel / Photo: Courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel

Hong Kong

“It’s so special. You get that tropical weather within a metropolitan city. Not a lot of people know this, but The Peninsula hotel is the best place to have your film developed. They drop off a black lacquer box that they leave in the little window next to your room door. They use this stunning paper, coloring and scanning—I’ve never seen anything like it. The Peninsula is one of my favorite hotels: Their dim sum in L.A. is great and the rooms in New York are so Marie Antoniette-esque.”

Dish from Mallorca, Spain / Courtesy of That Girl Beverly

Mallorca, Spain

“I went during The Superyacht Cup Palma. It’s beautiful when an entire city is involved in a celebration. The execution of the food was so wonderful. And it doesn’t have to be the most expensive meal, or a Michelin restaurant. The tapas platters were the best because they just wanted to represent this week and this time. I have so many photos!”

Dominican Republic / Photo: Courtesy of That Girl Beverly

Dominican Republic

“When you go near the equator it feels like time stops and you have to observe your surroundings and be mindful. Great places heighten your emotions and break you down a bit. We walked along beautiful private beaches for almost 45 minutes to little alcoves where you could swim. There were huts that had drinks and served long lunches. You couldn’t get a fried fish faster than an hour and a half. It was just perfect.”

Jalisco, Mexico / Photo: Courtesy of Cuixmala

Jalisco, Mexico

“I love the lifestyle and ecosystem happening at Cuixmala. Sometimes these nice resorts can feel a little White Lotus, like something is lingering underneath, but Cuixmala is so genuinely operated. Everything they do on the property goes back into the land, from how they consume food to composting. I did a safari tour and visited their greenhouse—they make their own natural pesticides from dried tobacco leaves.”