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Upfront Plus: Frontier’s New Premium Seating Option Blocks Middle Seats

The new European-style scheme offers the first two rows a window or aisle seat and an unoccupied middle seat for the entire flight

by Samir Kadri

March 15, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Frontier

Frontier Airlines, the ultra-low-cost carrier based in Denver, has introduced a premium seating option called ‘Upfront Plus,’ which offers customers extra space and comfort.

The new scheme allows customers traveling in the first two rows of Frontier’s aircraft to enjoy a window or aisle seat, with the assurance that the middle seat will remain unoccupied for the flight.

Upfront Plus seats offer additional elbow room and legroom, making them an attractive choice for those who prefer seating that offers extra space when flying.

Photo: Courtesy of Frontier

In addition, being located at the front of the aircraft allows passengers to disembark quickly and efficiently, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Many European carriers, including legacy airlines like Lufthansa and Air France, offer this seating scheme on their narrowbody aircraft. Instead of having a separate business class section, they have a single seating configuration and block the middle seats on the first few rows to provide extra comfort to premium passengers. Frontier is the first airline in America to mimic this premium seating offering.

Frontier’s 136 Airbus A320 family aircraft fleet is among the most compact worldwide, making extra legroom a valuable commodity on crowded flights. “Frontier is all about choice and giving consumers the flexibility to customize their travel to suit their individual needs and preferences. UpFront Plus is a great option for those who want expanded personal space and extra comfort,” said Barry Biffle, CEO of Frontier Airlines.

UpFront Plus seats have been available for sale since March, with their availability for flights starting April 10. The initial pricing has been set at $49 per seat for flights between April 10 and 30 for customers who book by March 20. UpFront Plus seats will be priced based on demand after the introductory period.

Photo: Courtesy of Frontier Airlines

The airline notes, however, that the introduction of UpFront Plus affects the benefits for Frontier’s frequent flyer program members. Gold-and-above members will no longer receive free Premium seats at check-in, while Platinum-and-above members will no longer receive Premium seats upon booking their tickets. However, Elite Diamond members will receive UpFront Plus at check-in for free, provided any seats are available.