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First Look: The Club SFO Opens Impressive ‘Signature Lounge’

The brand-new lounge opens its doors on June 26, welcoming passengers traveling through SFO's Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Photo: The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

In a grand celebration of Northern California’s natural beauty and cultural richness, the newest airport lounge at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has opened its doors to the public.

Located in the newly renovated Harvey Milk Terminal 1, The Club SFO spans over 12,000 square feet and offers an unmatched airport experience with its 249 seats and world-class amenities.

Photo: The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

This space, brought to life by Airport Dimensions and design firm Corgan, promises to redefine the airport lounge experience, focusing on personal well-being and internationally recognized sustainability standards.

Northern Californian Roots

Walking into The Club SFO, travelers are immediately transported to the serene forests of Northern California. The double-height floors in the lobby mimic the grandeur of redwood trees, and the dappled lighting resembles the gentle sunlight filtering through a forest canopy.

The “Northern California Natural” theme is evident throughout the lounge, with nature-inspired wall coverings and design elements that reflect the local environment’s beauty and tranquility.

Photo: The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

As the first Priority Pass-accessible lounge in the new terminal, The Club SFO offers a unique blend of amenities to enhance the traveler experience. From relaxation zones to productivity areas, the lounge caters to various needs, ensuring that guests can unwind or catch up on work in a serene setting.

The commitment to sustainability and guest well-being is apparent in every corner of the lounge, making it a haven for travelers seeking comfort and rejuvenation.

Photo: Relaxation area, The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

“The Club SFO showcases our expertise in crafting unique airport havens, welcoming travelers to enjoy moments of comfort and rejuvenation at this West Coast travel hub,” said Nancy Knipp, President Americas at Airport Dimensions. “This space boasts a distinct design, staying true to The Club’s ethos of local-first, with amenities that go above and beyond. We are thrilled to welcome travelers into this innovative space.”


Nestled within the newly renovated Harvey Milk Terminal 1, The Club SFO is conveniently situated near gate B4, just beyond the TSA security checkpoint.

Travelers can find this luxurious retreat on the left side of the terminal, accessible daily from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m., offering a relaxing space for both early birds and night owls alike.

Access Options

For those with Priority Pass or LoungeKey memberships, complimentary access to The Club SFO is a breeze. These memberships—owned by The Club’s parent company, The Collinson Group—allow travelers to enjoy the lounge’s extensive amenities without additional cost.

Photo: The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

For those without a membership, day passes are available for purchase online or at the lounge for $75, providing flexible options for all travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

This new addition marks The Club’s fourth lounge at SFO. With three lounges already established in International Terminal A, Priority Pass Members, and LoungeKey customers now have another space to enjoy in this key West Coast hub.

The Lounge

Setting a new standard for design within The Club network, this new lounge stands out as a flagship location among the company’s 20 U.S. lounges.

“Our customers will notice the difference as soon as they come in. As soon as they come across our fireplace, they will feel like they are entering a cabin in Northern California,” said Chris Gwilliam, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Airport Dimensions.

Photo: Fireplace at The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

Developed in partnership with renowned architecture and design firm Corgan, the lounge’s design draws inspiration from the majestic Redwood Forest, seamlessly blending the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of indoor space.

“The Club SFO’s design is a celebration of San Francisco’s beauty and culture,” says Laura Banse, Senior Vice President of Design & Construction at Airport Dimensions. “We are overjoyed to see our vision realized in every detail, from the Redwood Forest-inspired interior down to the locally sourced artwork.”

A captivating tree canopy ceiling creates the illusion of dappled sunlight filtering through leaves, guiding guests toward a cabin-inspired bar and open dining area.

The warm and inviting space offers a mix of private and social seating arrangements, while a glazed concourse viewing area evokes the iconic San Francisco fog, further solidifying the connection to the local landscape.

Photo: The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

Continuing its dedication to showcasing local talent, The Club SFO immerses guests in captivating art. The lounge features works by award-winning Californian artists Cathy Lu and Denise Laws. Guests can discover her unique pieces throughout the space, such as an installation crafted from reclaimed foil-lined packaging, highlighting how art can emerge from unexpected and environmentally conscious sources.

A stunning wall mural in the dining area depicts a panoramic view of the majestic Redwood Forest, seamlessly blending nature and art. Additionally, Cathy Lu’s upcoming ceramic sculptures will emulate traditional Chinese imagery, deconstructing assumptions about Chinese identity and cultural authenticity, adding another layer of cultural depth to the lounge’s aesthetic.

Food and Beverage

The lounge offers a culinary experience that celebrates local ingredients and partnerships with homegrown suppliers. Its 100 percent Northern California wine list showcases the region’s unique flavors, adding a touch of sophistication to the dining experience.

Photo: Main dining area at The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

During peak hours, an action station by Foley Family Wines serves delectable meals alongside a portfolio of highly acclaimed wines from some of the world’s greatest vineyards.

The lounge’s recipes are crafted with seasonal ingredients, ensuring a personalized and delicious culinary journey.

Photo: Main bar, The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

During my visit, I tasted a delicious roasted red pepper and gouda cheese soup, a Southwest Enchilada Bowl, and a light Asparagus and California Cabernet Chopped Salad, accompanied with local sourdough breads and an excellent cup of Brazilian coffee. The “Chef Action” station offered grilled shrimp skewers, too.

While some might miss the convenience of a grab-and-go station, the curated dining experience with its live chefs at The Club SFO makes up for it.


The new lounge excels in amenities, catering to all traveler needs with its diverse range of world-class facilities.

One standout feature is the micro-climate fireplace, described by Gwilliam as “a first-of-its-kind” experience. This innovative element creates the illusion of a campfire using water vapor and lighting, with a temperature-controlled floor that adds to the warm and cozy ambiance, offering a welcoming touch that enhances the lounge’s inviting atmosphere.

Photo: Shower room. The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

Dedicated relaxation areas provide a tranquil escape, while a fully equipped productivity zone caters to those on the go. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal in the spacious dining area or freshen up with the lounge’s spa-like shower facilities.

Reflecting the wellness-centered lifestyle of Northern California, The Club offers a stretching room customized with fitness mirrors with Lululemon virtual trainers and exercise equipment for convenient on-the-go workouts. Towels, refreshments, and yoga mats are available for a quick stretching session while on the move.

Photo: Fitness and stretching room at The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

After their workout, passengers can step into one of the shower suites, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In terms of relaxation aids, three “first-of-its-kind” Luminescence rooms offer individual sanctuaries with adjustable color temperature lighting. “Warm hues promote relaxation, while cooler tones offer an energy boost, allowing guests to tailor the environment to their needs,” explains Gwilliam during a live demonstration.

Of course, the lounge also provides all the essentials to ensure guests stay connected and powered up throughout their visit. Power outlets, USB ports, and Wi-Fi are available throughout the space, allowing travelers to charge their devices and stay online.

Photo: The Club, SFO. Courtesy of Corgan

For the young ones, a fully equipped family room allows families to relax and entertain children in a private space furnished with toys, board games, and a flat-screen TV showing enjoyable programming. A fully furnished nursing room is also available for newborns in the restroom section.


The Club SFO masterfully combines comfort, convenience, and a touch of local flair, making it an ideal retreat for any traveler passing through San Francisco International Airport. From its stunning design and innovative amenities to its dedication to local authenticity and exceptional hospitality, The Club SFO is set to redefine the airport lounge experience.