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Global Airport Lounge Visits Reach Record High This Summer

Collison data shows 12% increase in lounge visits, spanning 671 airports and 1,374 lounges worldwide

by Rachel Dube

September 27, 2023

Photo: Plaza Premium Lounge, Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Courtesy of Plaza Premium Group.

As travel surged to pre-pandemic levels this summer, airports worldwide were packed. According to data collected by Collison, the Priority Pass and LoungeKey operator, airport lounges have also experienced an all-time high globally during this busy travel season.

With the increased demand, Priority Pass considered the collected data when announcing its newest feature. The membership-based program will now have expanded pre-booking options available. Currently, the service is available in more than 30 airports worldwide.

The innovative features and technology development will make the busy fall and holiday travel seasons less stressful for passengers. With just a few quick taps, passengers can use the app to secure their spot in their preferred airport lounge, making the entry experience seamless and relaxing.

Priority Pass members have access to 1,300 lounges and experiences in more than 600 cities across 148 countries worldwide.

Busiest Lounge Airports

New data released by Collison indicates that the number of lounge visits surpassed pre-pandemic levels this summer with an increase of twelve percent. The visits spanned 671 different airports and 1,374 lounges around the world.

Most notably, the data collection showed that the United States was the front-runner regarding the most lounge visits. It further cemented the country’s place as the busiest nation for airport lounge experiences.

However, 17.5% of all lounge visits occur at only ten airports worldwide, with Dubai International Airport ranking first with an expected 85 million passengers this year.

Photo: Plaza Premium Lounge, Siem Rep International Airport. Courtesy of Plaza Premium Group.

Indira Gandhi International Airport and London Heathrow Airport came in a close second. King Khalid International Airport, Changi International Airport, Istanbul Airport, and Adolfo Suarez-Barajas were other notable airports on the list of the top ten most frequented airports for lounge visits.

This trend will accelerate as passengers take advantage of international and domestic travel this fall and winter season. One thing is for sure: Having a network of comfortable, easy-to-access lounges will come in handy with all the airport delays.

Priority Pass Updates

Earlier this summer, the owners of Priority Pass and Plaza Premium Lounges renewed their partnership. This allowed users access to 63 new lounges. In addition, it will Priority Pass to increase its presence in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Photo: Plaza Premium Lounge, Toronto International Airport. Courtesy of Plaza Premium Group.

The Plaza Premium Lounge network has 250+ locations across 70+ international airports, so that the partnership will give members of the two programs access to the new lounges. Unsurprisingly, the announcement came right before the busy summer travel season as it will help passengers mitigate the stress of airport overcrowding from increased summer travel.

Aside from access to an assortment of new worldwide lounges, the partnership will also provide members with access to new experiences, including access to Plaza Premium Lounge’s children’s programming, summer food and beverage menus, and the Lounge to Go options.