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Four Seasons Unveils Private Jet Tour Itineraries

The experience includes door-to-door luggage service, streamlined visa processes, and fast-track privileges at all airports

by Matteo Legnani

February 7, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

Luxury hospitality brand Four Seasons has unveiled its highly anticipated 2025 Private Jet Itineraries, promising travelers an unparalleled mix of extravagance and adventure aboard their exclusive all-black Airbus A321LR aircraft.

The luxury hotel brand is continuing to take on the air and sea with ultra-luxurious travel packages. This year, the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience is offering a range of global itineraries to its customers.

The A321LR Experience

The heart of this luxurious journey lies within the Airbus A321LR, a lavish all-business class aircraft boasting 48 lie-flat seats, a stand-up bar lounge, and a wine cabinet. 

Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

Passengers are treated to various amenities, including individual inflight entertainment, Boise noise-insulating headphones, and custom Four Seasons-branded bags and toilet kits. 

Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

The dedicated crew includes an onboard chef, luggage concierge, and even a journey physician, ensuring the utmost comfort and care.

International Intrigue: 24 Days Across Three Continents

The flagship itinerary, ‘International Intrigue,’ spans 24 days from July 27 to August 19, transporting guests from Seattle to Cap-Ferrat in Southern France. 

The journey encompasses stops in Tokyo, Hoi An, the Maldives, the Serengeti Park, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Budapest. 

Photo: Maldives. Courtesy of Four Seasons

Unique experiences include a lesson in Japanese cuisine with renowned chef Yoshitsugu Suzuki, a torchlit barbecue in the African bush, a hot-air balloon flight over the Serengeti at dawn with a Champagne breakfast, and a Ferrari test drive along the glamorous Cote D’Azur.

African Wonders: 13-Days of Ancient Marvels

The ‘African Wonders’ itinerary, spanning 13 days from August 20 to September 1, takes travelers on a journey from Athens to Johannesburg, touching iconic destinations such as the Giza Pyramids in Cairo, the Serengeti National Park, the island of Mauritius, Rwanda, and Victoria Falls. 

Photo: Cairo, Egypt. Courtesy of Spencer Davis / Unsplash

Highlights include privileged access to the Pyramids, gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, and a private safari in South Africa for an up-close encounter with the local wildlife.

World of Adventures: 24 Days in Four Continents

For those seeking a more extended escapade, the ‘World of Adventures’ itinerary spans 24 days, kicking off on September 10 in Seattle and concluding in Fort Lauderdale on October 3. 

The journey takes travelers through Kyoto, Bali, the Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogotá, and the Galápagos Islands. 

Bali, Indonesia / Photo: R.M. Nunes/iStock/Getty Images

Activities range from rafting along Bali’s Ayung River to a Zen meditation session at Kyoto’s Shoden Eigen-In Temple, offering a diverse and immersive experience.

What Else Can You Book?

While most slots for the 2024 itineraries are fully booked, a few spaces remain for the ‘Ancient Explorer’ itineraries running from May 12 to June 4 and August 28 to September 20. 

Photo: Bora Bora. Courtesy of Four Seasons

The 24-day journeys start in Fort Lauderdale and end in Madrid, covering diverse locations such as Mexico City, Easter Island, Bora Bora, the Great Barrier Reef, Bangkok, Amman, the Lost City of Petra, The Giza Pyramids, and Athens.

In 2025, Four Seasons will introduce four additional tours, including ‘Asia Unveiled,’ ‘Ancient Explorer,’ ‘International Intrigue,’ and ‘Timeless Encounters,’ promising unique and captivating global experiences.

Days and Nights of Extravagance

Guests who embark on Four Seasons Private Jet adventures are treated to an exclusive experience. They enjoy door-to-door luggage service, streamlined visa processes, and fast-track privileges at all airports. Accommodations are exclusively at Four Seasons hotels and resorts, with occasional indulgences in 5-star, exclusive locations.

These awe-inspiring experiences, however, come with a breathtaking price tag. The 24-day itineraries—Ancient Explorer, Timeless Encounters, and International Intrigue—are priced at US $205,000, $208,000, and$215,000 per person, respectively. 

The shorter Asia Unveiled and African Wonders itineraries offer a taste of grandeur at $142,000 and $148,000, respectively. Prices are based on double occupancy, with an optional supplement for solo travelers.

Four Seasons invites jet-setting globetrotters to embark on a luxurious journey where every moment is an adventure and every destination is a story waiting to unfold.