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Emirates Debuts Easter-Themed Treats Onboard

From hot cross buns to carrot cake, here are some of the Easter-themed food items you can expect onboard

by Rachel Dube

April 12, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Emirates

Whether you’re heading to visit family near or far, chances are you’re spending a whole lot of time in the airport during the holiday season, and Easter is no exception. So to make your time spent in the air (or on the ground) a bit more special during this festive time, Emirates has launched a festive Easter menu with some holiday-themed treats.

Passengers flying in every travel class on select routes to Australia, the U.S., Canada, Europe, the U.K., Brazil, Philippines, South Africa, Mauritius, and Ghana will be prived to various special treats onboard during their flight experiences for the holiday of Easter. In addition, there will also be a specialty menu for those traveling on routes to Russia or Greece for Orthodox Easter.

Photo: Courtesy of Emirates

In April, those in Economy class will be offered a warm hot cross bun with their meals or a specially-made Easter dessert, such as carrot cake with tres leches sauce.

The experience in First and Business is even grander, with the option to try a delicious chocolate cake with a creamy ganache and redcurrants or a strawberry cheesecake with a mini-easter egg on top. In addition, Emirates plans to serve up goodies like Kulich (a Russian Easter cake) for Orthodox Easter from April 14-17.

Photo: Courtesy of Emirates

During both onboard experiences, kids in all classes will receive a cute ‘Happy Easter’ cookie in the shape of an Easter egg. In addition, within the A380 Onboard Lounge, passengers will find a traditional Easter simnel fruitcake with Marazapan and other specialty Easter desserts.

Photo: Courtesy of Emirates

While most of these treats will be served onboard, the experience starts on the ground. Within all Emirates lounges across the global network will be a selection of classic Easter fare, ranging from lamp chops with roasted potatoes to roasted lamb leg with dates, green olives, and pomegranate to pistachio-crusted lamb cutlets.

Although the experience won’t compensate for a crowded airport or delays, it will make your time onboard feel more special during the Easter holiday season.