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British Airways Moves To JFK Terminal 8 In November

The British carrier will switch from JFK's Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 with a transitional period starting on November 17.

by Fergus Cole

October 23, 2022

Photo: Courtesy of The Blowup - Unsplash

British Airways has confirmed it will shift operations at JFK from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8, moving to the same terminal where its transatlantic partner American Airlines currently operates. 

The British carrier’s first flight into Terminal 8 will land on November 17, with the first outbound flight departing the next day. After that, a two-week transitional period will see both terminals used by the airline until re-location is finalized from the start of December.

Photo: Courtesy of British Airways

“American is eager to welcome British Airways to their new home at JFK,” said American Airlines chief customer officer Alison Taylor. “Their move to Terminal 8 further deepens our longstanding partnership and makes it easier than ever for customers traveling between New York and London or onward across our global networks.”

Both carriers have been heavily involved in the expansion pricess at Terminal 8, producing an upgraded baggage system, five new wide-body gates, and additional wide-body parking.

Three new lounges in Terminal 8 boast a combined capacity of 1,000 premium passengers. As noted by the airline, each lounge will feature an all-new champagne bar, a fireside lounge, and an a la carte dining room. Next to it, another premium lounge will include “sweeping airside views, a wine bar, cocktail lounge, library, and buffet.”

As well as enhancing the pre-flight experience, the closer proximity of British Airways and American Airlines will help simplify connections between the two.

“Our move to the redeveloped and expanded Terminal 8 will bring a range of benefits for our customers,” said Tom Stevens, director of brand and customer experience at British Airways. “This includes a better transfer experience, enabling them to travel to more than 30 destinations across the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America with American Airlines.”

Terminal 7 is scheduled for demolition, with a new terminal to be built in its place. No time frame on this has been released yet, but BA’s departure indicates that time could be running out for its old home.