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Alaska Airlines Introduces ‘Mobile Verify’ for Passport Verification from Home

Passengers will be able to verify their passports from the comfort of their own home and skip passport control

by Samir Kadri

August 30, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has launched ‘Mobile Verify,’ an innovative digital verification service allowing travelers to securely authenticate their passports from the comfort of their homes before embarking on their journey.

The new ‘Mobile Verify’ feature simplifies the passport verification process for passengers holding U.S. or Canadian passports. Traditionally, passengers needed to have their passports physically verified by their airline before international travel to or from the U.S. This new digital solution promises to streamline the process, reducing the need to wait in long lines at the airport and providing more autonomy for passengers.

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines aims to redefine the airport experience by leveraging biometric identities to expedite the journey from the lobby to the boarding gate. The ultimate goal is to enable passengers to navigate airport touchpoints without presenting physical IDs, relying instead on their secure digital identities stored on their smartphones.

Charu Jain, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Merchandising at Alaska Airlines, explained, “We’re reimagining the entire guest experience at our airports with the goal of getting you through the lobby in 5 minutes or less.”

“We’re investing in technology that takes processes traditionally only available at an airport and makes them possible from your smartphone. This new Mobile Verify technology creates a seamless airport experience for guests traveling internationally — eliminating the uncertainty that comes with having to wait in airport lines.”

How the ‘Mobile Verify’ process works:

1. Create your digital identity, a one-time process.
2. Download the Airside digital identity app on your Android or iOS device.
3. Capture a selfie.
4. Scan your passport’s photo page using the app.
5. Hold your phone near the embedded chip inside the passport’s back cover for reading.
6. The app processes the passport photo and selfie, verifying your information.
7. Your digital identity is then securely stored on your mobile device.

Before your trip, the Alaska Airlines app will prompt you to access the Airside app. Here, you will provide your departure city, departure date, and a confirmation code, granting consent for using your digital identity.

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Once these steps are completed, the app notifies Alaska Airlines that your digital identity has been validated, rendering the need for in-person verification at the airport unnecessary.

The ‘Mobile Verify’ service is powered by Airside Mobile, a digital identity network with a strong emphasis on privacy and security. Adam Tsao, General Manager for Airside at Onfido, expressed his confidence in the collaboration, stating, “We’re proud Airside is helping deliver on this commitment and empower all those who travel on Alaska Airlines with fast, private, and easy airport experiences by putting digital identities in the hands of their flyers.”

For passengers who prefer not to use ‘Mobile Verify’, the option of in-person identity verification at the airport remains available. This groundbreaking initiative by Alaska Airlines marks a significant leap towards enhancing the efficiency and convenience of international air travel.