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Alaska Airlines and Fremont Brewing Introduce Cloud Cruiser Craft Beer

Premium passengers will be offered complimentary cans of Cloud Cruiser IPA, while it's also available to purchase in the Main Cabin

by Fergus Cole

February 23, 2024

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has added a brand-new craft beer to its inflight beverage menu, created exclusively for the airline through its partnership with Seattle-based brewery Fremont Brewing.

Dubbed ‘Cloud Cruiser,’ this exclusive India pale ale (IPA) has been brewed specifically to great taste at high altitudes. It is served in cans designed with bright and colorful artwork that pays homage to the Pacific Northwest region.

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

First and Premium Class passengers will be offered Cloud Cruiser IPA—which is 6.5% ABV—when flying with Alaska, while it’s also available for Main Cabin passengers at $8.50 per 355ml can. It will also be served in select Alaska Airlines lounges across the country.

“The Cloud Cruiser is the result of two beloved and popular Pacific Northwest brands coming together to create a top-tier beverage to add to our premium line-up,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, managing director of guest products at Alaska Airlines.

“The only place in the world you’ll be able to find this one-of-a-kind craft beer is if you’re flying on Alaska or in one of our lounges. We have already received feedback from the first guests to taste our new premium West Coast product, who say they can’t wait to fly us again and order another can of ‘Cloud Cruiser.’”

Fremont Brewing Exclusive

Cloud Cruiser was brewed exclusively for Alaska Airlines by Fremont Brewing, an independent artisan brewing company located in the trendy Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. 

Fremont Brewing collaborated with Alaska Airlines to find a brew that tastes great in the skies, and after taste testing a variety of blends at 30,000 feet, decided on Cloud Cruiser—a bright orange IPA with hints of melon and tropical flavors.

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

“Cloud Cruiser IPA is brewed with a select blend of malts and Washington grown to stay fresh in the air with you,” said Matt Lincecum, founder and owner of Fremont Brewing. “Fremont craft ‘Cloud Cruiser’ using years of experience providing beer to Alaska’s flights across the country.”

The IPA’s can was also uniquely designed by a collaboration of artists from Alaska Airlines and Fremont Brewing. With blue, golden, and pink-red hues, it features a Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Alaska’s livery, flying over snow-capped mountains, trees, and water – evoking the stunning landscapes of Washington state.

“The collaboration between Alaska and Fremont is not just about the artwork on the can; it is the story of two Seattle-based brands that share common values, coming together to create a remarkable product we hope brings a smile to our guests who drink it,” said Jonny Mack, Alaska Airlines’ studio creative manager.

“We felt that a national park inspired designed with one of our aircraft, in Alaska colors, speaks to our roots in the Pacific Northwest. The creativity and thoughtfulness that went into the design of this can is just another example of bringing to life our value of ‘Being Remarkable.’ It’s amazing to be part of an Alaska Air first, and I’ll raise a can of ‘Cloud Cruiser’ to many more!”

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska’s partnership with Fremont Brewing continues the airline’s commitment to working with independent Pacific Northwest companies. In December last year, the carrier launched its first in-flight non-alcoholic beer in partnership with North Californian brewery Best Day Brewing, while in October, it partnered with Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters to introduce a coffee blend designed to taste better at high altitude.