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Video: Air New Zealand’s New Business Class Coming in 2024

The new Business Premier cabin experience is based on customer research and will be rolling out in 2024

by Rachel Dube

August 28, 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand will launch a new seat and cabin experience for its Business Premier passengers in 2024. According to the airline, the new experience and design are based on five years of customer research. 

“New Zealand’s location puts us in a unique position to lead on the ultra-long-haul travel experience,” says Greg Foran, Air New Zealand’s Chief Executive Officer. “We have zeroed in on sleep, comfort, and wellness because we know how important it is for our customers to arrive well-rested. Whether they are heading straight into a meeting or to their first holiday hotspot – they want to hit the ground running. It’s a proud moment to finally unveil five years of hard mahi, in what truly is a cabin of possibility. One that will provide customers with options to get some shut-eye wherever they’re sitting.”

Customer feedback alerted the airline that getting sleep and having more comfort and space were top priorities, which is precisely what the redesign focuses on. 

The airline claims the new Business Premier seats will be on the Boeing 787-9 aircraft in a 1-2-1 configuration. These will replace the airline’s existing product, which has far less privacy than the updated design. All the seats will be 20.5″ inches wide and turn into lie-flat beds. Each seat will have a 24″ TV, USB ports, power outlets, and Bluetooth audio. 

While the Business Premier seats won’t have closing doors, they will have a shield that can be extended to provide extra privacy from nearby passengers. 

Business Premier Luxe 

In addition to the Business Premier revamp, the New Zealand-based carrier is launching a new category of seats dubbed Business Premier Luxe. The new seats will include a fully closing door and space for two to dine. 

Photo: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

Each seat will include more space, an ottoman, and a larger tray table to make the experience as comfortable as possible. 

Overall, the updated seats are slightly longer and will feature more luxurious amenities, including memory foam mattress pads and feather pillows for sleeping. Most notably, the seat itself can be put into a reclined position for taxi, take-off, and landing. 

Other Cabin Amenities and Upgrades 

The interior design of the new cabin is inspired by New Zealand, allowing customers to feel the country from the second they get onboard. The new Dreamliners will arrive in 2024 with new Business Class cabins and seats, including the airline’s innovative Skynest and Skycouch concepts.  

Photo: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

“Research shows us the first night away from home is the hardest to get a good night’s sleep, so everything we do onboard is to help create a sense of calm – from the lighting and sleep ritual including sleepy teas and balms to the healthier food choices and breathable fabrics,” explains Leanne Geraghy, Chief Customer and Sales Officer. “Meditative onscreen content, Zentertainment, will also help customers unwind and get ready for rest.” 

Those flying onboard the redesigned cabins can expect to find thoughtful touches, including lighting and sleep amenities, intended to make the ultra-long-haul flight as bearable as possible for passengers.