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Wellness, Mindfulness Now a Burgeoning Focus for Apps

Global market for meditation apps is expected to grow by nearly 50 percent by 2027

The world’s interest in Mindfulness Meditation Apps is expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.1 percent from 2021-2027 to reach $6,478.5 million by 2027. At least that is for forecast by UnivDatos Market Insights, a market research firm and subsidiary of Universal Data Solutions.

At its most basic, a mindfulness meditation app is an application that helps the end-users to meditate, calm down, and attain mental peace, to improve their mental health. Mindfulness meditation applications help the consumers to understand their behaviors, emotions and assist them in enhancing their self-awareness and self-regulation. 

With the increased workload, environmental stress, and family problems, mental health disorder issues and mental stress growing among various age groups, the findings are not surprising. According to Perkbox, 79 percent of the employed adults in 2020 were suffering from work-related stress, marking a 20 percent spike compared to surveys in 2018. 

A 2017 Harris poll found stress mostly caused by money and work, resulting in seeking ready, convenient and cost-effective solutions for mitigating these afflictions through apps. The North America region has so far dominate the Mindfulness Meditation Apps market, the report notes.

Major players in this appscape include:

  • Calm 
  • Headspace 
  • Breethe 
  • Insight Timer 
  • Waking Up 
  • Meditopia 
  • BetterMe 
  • Simple Habit 
  • Aura Health 
  • Moov

Zen of Frequent Flying

Another, often overlooked player in this field is Mindvalley, which offers a robust app called Omvana and recently partnered with Emirates Airlines to start offering a variety of stress-busting, meditation and mind-boosting courses to their onboard entertainment selection so that passengers, often flying for business and en-route to stressful meetings and events, can learn some helpful and empowering skills. Mindful travel can make a welcome friend in the in-between hours.

Business Traveler sat down with Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani to get a sense of just how important this market, these skills and the awareness of inward solutions can be for those who are getting back to business after a decimating global pandemic.

1) Please address why business travelers in particular should know about your company and programs

While traveling for work, we tend to face all types of stress and challenges, and may also have some down time, especially while flying—so it’s great that Emirates passengers have access to some of our best Mindvalley courses.

Business travelers and all travelers alike can also take advantage of Mindvalley content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not just while flying. While we have a lot of free content available on our YouTube channel Mindvalley Talks and free Masterclasses on, the Mindvalley membership costs around $2 a day and you’ll develop skills to help you thrive in life and work.

It’s a known fact that 85 percent of employees are not engaged in the workplace, 81 percent of employees are considering leaving their jobs, and 69 percent of employees say they would commit more to their work if they were appreciated more. We must invest in personal growth for ourselves because life is short and we should love what we do.

2) How did your partnership with EK come about?

Emirates is one of my favorite airlines and, I knew that if we collaborated with them, they’d be the perfect vehicle to bring fresh and incredible content to help us continue our mission of touching one billion lives. So we brought this idea to them and they loved our catalog of high quality content — Mindvalley programs bring a new type of feature that no other airlines currently have, and they saw the value this would bring for their customers. Now I’m proud to say that Emirates and Mindvalley are providing premium transformational growth content to millions of passengers every year, as COVID restrictions slowly lift and traveling continues to open up.

3) Please describe the decision to offer Quests, vs. regular meditation programming?

Quests are programs designed on our signature online learning platform and combine community and daily microlearning to transform you in ways traditional education never could. One of the Quests available in-flight to all Emirates travelers is the 6-Phase Meditation — it is practiced by millions including celebrities and athletes. Meditation can do much more than just clear your mind to achieve relaxation. The 6 Phase covers 6 mental frameworks, from forgiveness to manifestation, to get you feeling more balanced than ever before.

The other Quests available in-flight are:

  • Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali Tsabary – Receive the tools and perspective needed to nurture more authentic, fulfilled, and self-aware children.
  • Super Brain and 5 Steps to Powerful Memory by Jim Kwik – Activate your brain’s limitless potential.
  • Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols – Learn the power of good communication skills from the world’s most advanced public speaking course.
  • Becoming Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani – Become extraordinary by evolving the level of consciousness you operate from.
  • 7 Days to Breaking Up with Sugar by Eric Edmeades — permanently eliminate your sugar cravings
  • 6 Phase Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani — teaches you how to meditate
  • 5 Steps to Discover your Life Purpose by Michael Beckwith —learn the principles that go beyond traditional goal setting and manifesting

4) Please describe what Quests are and their purpose.

Mindvalley Quests are programs designed on our signature online learning platform to transform you in ways traditional education never could. From longevity and wellness, to peak performance and spirituality, you’ll learn skills designed by the world’s best teachers, authors and visionaries, available on one platform and accessible from your Smartphone, TV or Desktop. Using our unique Quest methodology, our programs combine community and daily microlearning and are designed to be as addictive and fun as computer games, yielding 500 percent better completion rates than traditional online webinars. Hundreds to Thousands of students take classes together and engage in supportive communities. You’re never alone and you might even make a close friend or two.

5) These Quests are complimentary now? Will that last? Are they complimentary to all passengers? On all EK flights? If not, what routes?

As of now, Mindvalley’s Quests will be available indefinitely on all Emirates flights and routes on its inflight entertainment system, Ice.

6) Are Quests also available to everyone on the App? Is that the Omvana app or another? Are they only available on these flights?

All Quests and Mindvalley content are available on The Mindvalley app and on the Mindvalley website to anyone, across the world. This also includes all content from our performance meditation app, Omvana.

7) Is MV looking to expand this program to other air brands? If so, what would that look like?

We are always looking for and open to partnerships that can help spread personal growth to the world, and in-flight is just one of many ways. It’s our mission to support life-long learners in their growth  journeys.

8) Will you be continuing to roll out new Quests?

Soon, Emirates will add the following courses to the roster:

  • Money EQ by Ken Honda – Transform your relationship with money and open the floodgates to a life of free-flowing wealth and prosperity.
  • Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna, PhD – Become your calmer and more resilient self.

And as a brand, Mindvalley adds new Quests every month. Check Instagram @Mindvalley to stay in the loop.

9) Can you remark on why business travelers in particular stand to benefit significantly from using meditation, relaxation and Quest recordings on their flights? Do you imagine that such amenities will be widespread in the industry in the next few years?

Especially given the stress and grief of the last year, the return to travel may cause anxiety for even the most frequent flyers. Through Quests, which focus on personal growth and development, we believe we can help ease some of that anxiety and help flyers find fulfillment and growth throughout their travels. It will also be a welcome distraction for anxious flyers. We’ve seen such an uptick in the desire to prioritize self-growth in the last year, and we want to help travelers continue on the path to fulfillment. I believe we are at the forefront of this trend, as we will certainly see personal growth and wellness tools cropping up on more inflight entertainment offerings and in airports.

10) Please describe what Mindvalley is, how it came about, what its core purpose is and its success in accomplishing that purpose.

Mindvalley is reinventing our outdated education system so that learning is relevant, engaging and affordable in today’s age of automation. As the leading personal growth brand in the world, we are filling the learning gap with courses that connect people all over the world through deeply engaging educational experiences. Our advanced learning technology called ‘Quest’ features science-based learning theories from the world’s top instructors brought to life through great storytelling. Over the years, Mindvalley has amassed a dedicated following of 15 million growth-seekers and has truly become the only destination for lifelong learning to advance and unite humanity.