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New Online Ordering Platform Provides Easy Way to Procure Pre-Trip Currencies

At TD Bank, travelers do not need an account to order and receive foreign currency through the new website platform

TD Bank, has a new website where consumers can order foreign currency before they head out on an international trip. The platform is specifically designed to offer a more convenient foreign currency exchange experience for both customers and non-customers of TD Bank.

TD Bank’s recent Spending Abroad survey indicates that 77% of Americans are planning to take two or more vacations overseas in the next two years. It also reported that 27% are planning on taking five or more vacations to another country.  The survey polled 1,000 consumers, examining American’s international travel plans, payment choices and budget habits.

“In our recent study, we discovered that nearly 6-in-10 Americans exchange currency before leaving the U.S. and a total of over 80 percent exchange currency for their international trips,” said James Wolanski, Managing Director, Global Foreign Exchange, TD Securities. “With this platform, we now offer consumers the ability to order foreign currency from a computer or mobile device and easily obtain currency before a trip abroad.”

Travelers (72 percent) want to exchange currency with a provider that has better exchange rates. More than six-in-ten (61 percent) of travelers who do exchange their currency, do so within a week of departure. Seventy-three percent of travelers’ exchange foreign currency back to U.S. dollars when they return. Ninety-three percent of respondents consider it important for a currency provider to have foreign cash available immediately.

TD’s online ordering platform offers the following features:

• The ability to order over 60 different currencies at competitive rates on your mobile device or desktop.

• The option to select any TD Bank Store for pick up, typically within two to three business days.

• Access to a foreign exchange calculator to check exchange rates.

• Email communications to track currency order and shipping details.

Consumers do not need a TD Bank account to order currency. Foreign currency orders can also be placed at any TD Bank Store in-person. Many TD Bank locations carry common currencies on hand for an immediate in-person exchange. Over 60 foreign currencies can be ordered to the stores. TD Bank also has several Foreign Exchange (FX) Centers that immediately offer a wider selection of up to 15 foreign currencies.