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What They Carry: Tips on What Frequent Flyers Should Take

As the holiday shopping season revs up, a few gifts for frequent flyers may be just the ticket for ​stocking and briefcase stuffers

For finicky frequent flyers, FlightHub and JustFly came up with a list of stocking stuffer must-haves to make the going more efficient and enjoyable.

Electronic Luggage Scale

There are a lot more rules, restrictions and fees when it comes to baggage these days. This little gadget is a good way to make sure you don’t get carried away when packing your carry-on, or the luggage you’re planning to check. Thanks to this lightweight little luggage scale you won’t get hit with unexpected baggage fees at the check-in desk. Plus, it’s compact enough to slip into a suitcase or purse and be ready to re-weigh before heading home, to make sure the shopping sprees and souvenirs don’t add up to extra baggage fees.      


Ultralight Packing Cube

First suitcases got wheels. Then came these. They’re a super-smart way to keep clothes and accessories neat and organized. They’re made with lightweight material and zippers with semi-rigid frames that hold their shape to make packing and unpacking a breeze. Look for mesh tops for ventilation and visibility which are also key for travelling simplicity.

Collapsible Water Bottle

They don’t shatter, leak or dent. Find one that’s made of non-toxic materials and is certified BPA free. The foldability and durability make it ideal for travel, if not a life saver for those long and unexpected detours.

Silk Travel Pillow

It’s a meme with steam: A supermodel awakes on a long overnight flight with not a hair out of place, and no sleep-wrinkles to be found anywhere on her face. The haggard traveler next to her, so amazed at her perfect appearance, just has to ask her how she slept so well and woke up looking like new. The model’s response probably included lots of water and a sleep eye mask to block out light. But her secret is actually the silk pillow she always packs. Find silk travel pillows online, usually starting at $29.

An Open Mind

Some low-priced air and quiet resort time can do wonders for the soul.